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CBSE Class 12 Economics Exam 2017: Last Month Preparation Tips to Score Maximum Marks

Mayank Uttam

CBSE Class 12 Economics board exam 2017 is scheduled to be held on April 17th, 2017 from 10.30 A.M. to 1.30 P.M. It is one of the important subjects of CBSE class 12th. Let alone important, it is also considered as one of the toughest subjects of CBSE class 12th.

During the last month of preparation, students need an effective approach for the preparation of Economics to score maximum marks in Class 12 Economics board exam 2017.

Given below are few tips that will help you to score maximum.

Observe CBSE Class 12th Economic Syllabus 2017

During last 30 days of preparation, students should strictly follow latest syllabus of the subject.



Part A - Introductory Microeconomics




Consumer’s Equilibrium & Demand


Producer Behaviour & Supply


Forms of Market & Price Determination




Part B - Introductory Macroeconomics


National Income & Related Aggregates


Money and Banking


Determination of Income & Employment


Government Budget & the Economy


Balance of Payments




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Get complete CBSE Class 12th Economic Syllabus 2017

From the syllabus, we can observe that different units of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics have different weightage in board exams. Therefore, it is recommended that student should prepare units with maximum weightage. First, prepare chapters which you find easy to understand as it will boost your confidence level.

Go through the Marking Scheme of Class 12 Economics Board Exam

To score well in CBSE Board Exams 2017, students must know about the marking scheme used by CBSE to evaluate the answer booklets of CBSE board exams 2016.

Students can know more about the marking scheme of CBSE class 12 Economics 2016 from this link.

With the help of this marking scheme student will easily understand how to write answers in CBSE Class 12th Economics board exam to score maximum marks.

Refer Last Year Papers of CBSE Class 12th Economics

Previous year question papers are very helpful in understanding the level of questions which can be asked in CBSE class 12th Economics board exam 2017. While going through last year papers, students will also learn about important concepts which can be asked in CBSE class 12 Economics board exam 2017.

CBSE Class 12 Economics Question Paper (All India): 2016

CBSE Class 12th Economics Question Papers from 2008 to 2014

Students should solve one previous year paper daily, as this habit will help to build confidence for the final exam.

Revise Numerical Problems and Diagrams with Pen and Paper

In CBSE class 12th Economics, there are a number of numerical problems and diagrams. Students should practice numerical problems and diagrams with pen and paper. When you practice with pen and paper then you will be able to remember the solutions and diagrams for a longer time. Practice with a pen also reduces the chances of error during the exam.

CBSE Class 12 Video Tutorials

Solved Class 12th Economics Sample Paper by CBSE

Every year CBSE releases sample papers for classes 12th & 10th. This sample paper gives an idea about the examination pattern of the forthcoming exam. Sample paper for Economics has already been released by CBSE and student should go through this paper to understand the latest CBSE class 12th Economics board examination pattern 2017.

2017 Class 12th Economics Sample Paper by CBSE

Follow the Analogies of Demand and Supply

In Microeconomics you will find many concepts which are analogous to each other e.g. demand and supply. It means, if you have understood one concept then you can easily understand the other analogous concepts. Try to observe this analogy and your preparation time will get reduced.

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