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CBSE Class 12 Physics Sample Paper 2021 Released: Download Now!

Mayank Uttam

CBSE Sample Paper 2021 for Class 12 Physics Board Exam (With Solution) is available here for download in PDF format. This solved CBSE 12th Physics Sample Paper 2021 is based on revised CBSE Syllabus 2020-21 and important for the preparation of upcoming Class 12 Physics board exam. Students preparing for CBSE 12th Physics board Exams 2021 are advised to download these resources and analyse them for better preparation.

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CBSE Class 12 Physic Sample Paper 2021:

Class: XII Session: 2020-2021

Subject: Physics

Sample Question Paper (Theory)

Maximum Marks:  70 Marks, Time Allowed: 3 hours

General Instructions:

(1) All questions are compulsory. There are 33 questions in all.

(2) This question paper has five sections: Section A, Section B, Section C, Section D and Section E.

(3) Section A contains ten very short answer questions and four assertion reasoning MCQs of 1 mark each, Section B has two case based  questions of 4 marks each, Section C contains nine short answer questions of 2 marks each, Section D contains five short answer questions of 3 marks each and Section E contains three long answer questions of 5 marks each.

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(4) There is no overall choice. However internal choice is provided. You have to attempt

only one of the choices in such questions.


Section – A

All questions are compulsory. In case of internal choices, attempt any one of them.

1. Name the physical quantity having unit J/T.

2. Mention one use of part of the electromagnetic spectrum to which a wavelength of 21 cm (emitted by hydrogen in interstellar space) belongs.


Give the ratio of velocity of the two light waves of wavelengths 4000Å and 8000Å travelling in vacuum.

3. An electron with charge -e and mass m travels at a speed v in a plane perpendicular to a magnetic field of magnitude B. The electron follows a circular path of radius R. In a time, t, the electron travels halfway around the circle. What is the amount of work done by the magnetic field?

4. A solenoid with N loops of wire tightly wrapped around an iron-core is carrying an electric current I. If the current through this solenoid is reduced to half, then what change would you expect in inductance L of the solenoid.


An alternating current from a source is given by i=10sin314t.  What is the effective value of current and frequency of source?

5. What is the value of angular momentum of electron in the second orbit of Bohr’s model of hydrogen atom?

6. In a photoelectric experiment, the potential required to stop the ejection of electrons from cathode is 4V. What is the value of maximum kinetic energy of emitted Photoelectrons?

7. In decay of free neutron, name the elementary particle emitted along with proton and electron in nuclear reaction.


In the following nuclear reaction, Identify unknown labelled X.

22Na11 + X ➔ ve







For all the questions and answers, download CBSE Class 12 Physics Sample Paper 2021 and CBSE Class 12 Physics Marking Scheme 2021 from the links given below

Download CBSE Class 12 Physics Sample Paper 2021 (PDF)

Download CBSE Class 12 Physics Marking Scheme 2021 (PDF)

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