CBSE Class 12 Physical Studies Question Paper 2017: All India

CBSE Class 12th Physical Studies 2017 board exam question paper (All India) [Set – 4] is available here. The paper was held on 12h April, 2017.  With this article, you will get the complete question paper along with other important details. You can also download the complete question paper in original form with the help of download link given at the end of this article. With the help of this question paper, students can easily understand the latest examination pattern and the level of questions that are asked in CBSE Class 12 Physical Education board exam 2017.

The complete question paper is given below:

Question 1: Round-Robin Tournament is of two types. Name them and give one major difference between them.

Question 2: Define leadership.

CBSE Class 12 Physical Studies Question Paper 2017: Delhi

Question 3: What do you mean by food intolerance?

Question 4: State the common postural deformities.

Question 5: Name the motor development stages in children

Question 6: Your grandmother feels that she has reduced her upper body flexibility and therefore she wants to test herself. Which test would you suggest to her?

Question 7: What is oxygen uptake?

Question 8: What is incision?

Question 9: An object thrown into the space either horizontally or at an acute angle under the action of gravity is called a projectile. Name the two forces which act on a projectile.

Question 10: What do you mean by body image?

CBSE Class 12 Physical Education Syllabus 2017 - 2018

Question 11: What does the term ‘Fartlek’ mean and who developed this training method?

Question 12: What are specific sports programmes? Explain with suitable example.

Question 13: Write in brief about the leadership qualities that one inculcates by participating in adventure sports.

Question 14: How can women’s participation in sports and games be encouraged in India ? Explain.

Question 15: Write in brief about osteoporosis. What are the causes of osteoporosis in women?

Question 16: Explain the Rockport test.

Question 17: A famous cricket star Phillip Hughes was struck behind the ear by a ball while batting and died two days after the injury. He was wearing a helmet but the possible reason mentioned was that even when using a helmet, possibly a significant part of the neck remained exposed and the ball hit him there. And now most of the top cricketers across the world use deeper protection.

(a) Do you feel protective gears are important ? Lay stress on your views.

(b) What first aid should be provided during injury at the superficial layer of the skin?

Question 18: What is meant by ‘motivation’? Explain the different techniques of motivation to achieve high goals in sports.

Question 19: Explain Interval training method.

Question 20: What are the Nutritive and Non-nutritive components of diet? Explain.

Question 21: What do you mean by correct posture? Explain the standing and sitting postures. What are the causes of bad posture?

Question 22: Explain ‘weight training’ as one of the oldest methods for development of strength. Describe its advantages and disadvantages.

Question 23: Explain the physiological factors determining speed.

Question 24: Classify sports injuries. Explain ‘P.R.I.C.E.’ procedure as a treatment of soft tissue injuries.

Question 25: What is personality? Explain its different dimensions.

Question 26: What are the various types of friction? How is friction advantageous or disadvantageous in the field of games and sports? Explain with suitable examples.

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