CBSE Class 12 Physical Studies Question Paper 2017: Delhi

CBSE Class 12th Physical Studies 2017 board exam question paper (Delhi) [Set – 4, Code No. 75/1] is available here. With this article, you will get the complete question paper along with other important details like marks of each question, general instructions etc. You can also download the complete question paper in original form with the help of download link given at the end of this article.

With the help of this question paper, students can easily understand the latest examination pattern and the level of questions which are asked in CBSE Class 12 Physical Education board exam 2017.

The complete question paper is given below:

Question 1: Fixtures are the schedule, fixed for the matches. What is a Bye? Fixtures are the schedule, fixed for the matches. What is a Bye?

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Question 2: What are renewable resources?

Question 3: Fats are derived from two sources. Name them.

Question 4: What is Lordosis? Explain

Question 5: Define Motor Development.

Question 6: What is Menopause?

Question 7: What motor quality does a senior citizen lack, who finds difficulty in tying the shoe laces while sitting on a chair?

Question 8: What is hypertrophy of muscles?

Question 9: What is contusion ?

Question 10: Define Friction and name its types.

Question 11: What does the word “Coping strategies” mean, when talking about sports psychology?

Question 12: Write three differences between Intramurals and Extramurals.

Question 13: The river rafting belt of River Ganga in Uttarakhand near Rishikesh is a popular venue among adventure-lovers and thousands of National and International tourists visit every year. It helps a lot in generating revenue and developing state’s economy. But, use of the river for recreational purposes is impacting the river environment negatively.

An important social survey conducted recently found water pollution, loss of vegetation, cultural degradation and displacement of wildlife, resulting directly due to rafting and camping activities.

Despite there being rules and regulations to maintain the holy river and its surroundings, violation of these norms is regularly happening, due to which there is great threat to the ecology and the river environment.

Answer the following questions.

(1) What are the threats posed to the River Ganga due to commercial river rafting and camping?

(2) What values do you learn from the above passage?

(3) What measures will you suggest to improve this environment?

Question 14: What is Osteoporosis? Explain factors, those lead to Osteoporosis in women.

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Question 15: Write a detail note on Harvard Step Test.

Question 16: What is projectile ? Explain any three factors that affect a projectile trajectory.

Question 17: What are the different dimensions of personality? Write in brief about any two.

Question 18: What is Fartlek training? Write in brief.

Question 19: What is Endurance? Explain its types.

Question 20: What do you mean by ‘Healthy-Weight’? Explain the methods to control ‘Healthy- Body Weight to lead healthful-living’.

Question 21: What are the causes of ‘Flat-Foot’ and ‘Knock-Knees? Suggest physical Activities as corrective measures for these deformities.

Question 22: Exercises have numerous physiological and physical benefits on children. Explain in detail.

Question 23: What do you mean by ‘Oxygen-Intake’ and ‘Oxygen-Uptake’? Explain the effects of exercise on Respiratory system.

Question 24: What are the causes of ‘Sports-Injuries’? How Sports-Injuries can be prevented?

Explain briefly.

Question 25: What is the difference between Running and Walking? Explain mechanical Analysis of ‘Running’.

Question 26: What is ‘Kraus-Weber-Test’? Explain the administration of Kraus-Weber test in detail.

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