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CBSE class 12th Chemistry paper 2018: Don't miss these tips to prepare in last moments

Jameel Ahmad

In this article we are going to discuss about few important tips to prepare the cbse class 12th board exam 2018 which has to be scheduled for tomorrow. Here we provide you the experts view about what must be done just before one day of examination. Dont miss these tips to prepare the CBSE class 12th Chemistry paper in last moments
Now it is the last day when cbse class 12th chemistry exam has to done that is tomorrow is the class 12th chemistry paper exam date. It does not matter that which steam you belong to that is either from Mathematics or Biology, the chemistry exam pressure is obvious.

Students who prepare the board exams from starting of the academic, have no pressure to prepare more for the board examination. It becomes very tough for the students who start their preparations at last moments. Actually this last moment preparation is nothing but to take lot of exam pressure.

It is not 100% true that all the students get failed who gives the exams on the basis of their last moment’s preparations. The only problem is to get the good marks.
As we have started the article for chemistry subject who’s exam has to be conducted by tomorrow, so here will talk about few important tips that how a student can prepare for the chemistry exam just before one night.

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There are three portions in the chemistry that is organic chemistry, physical chemistry and inorganic chemistry.

Organic Chemistry:

It is the portion of the chemistry where you cannot do allot in the last moment because each and every topic is based on the reaction mechanism concept. So, what you can do here in the last moment?

It is understood that at least you have gone through the previous year question papers. So, collect all the reactions and concepts which have been asked repeatedly in the last year question paper.

Study 2 or 3 years Sample papers released by CBSE. This will give you a clear cut idea about the marking scheme and design of the question paper.

Physical Chemistry:

In this portion you need to make a list of important formulae and do practice with solved questions based on these formulae. This portion is very similar to physics where you have to solve the numerical.

Apart from this last year question papers and sample papers will also play an important role for this last moment preparation.
Inorganic Chemistry:

This is the portion where two types of questions have been asked in previous year chemistry question papers.
1. Logical Question: In this category they are asking the logical and reason based questions where you have to give the explanation to justify the answer
  Example: a. Why H+ and OH- ions are preferential discharged in the electrolysis of NaCl (aq)?
                 b. Why is hydrobromic acid a stronger acid than hypobromous acid?

2.  Memory base question:

in this category, you need to prepare the few questions whose answer are fixed and can be done easily by doing practice
        Write one difference in each of the following:
       (a) Multimolecular colloid and associated colloid
       (b) Coagulation and Peptization
       (c) Homogeneous catalysis and Heterogeneous catalysis

Apart from this below are the few important tips which have been given by the chemistry teachers”

- Student must prepare chapter wise
- get up early morning
- Must practice with last 10 years papers
- Save the time by practicing the model paper
- Minimise the chance of error by practicing the model paper
- Do not study anything new but revise you old notes multiple time
- Must prepare the important Name Reactions.

Best of Luck!

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