CBSE Class 12th Mathematics Last Minute Tips & Strategy

Mathematics is involved in the mainstream subjects of PCM with its applications all through the various areas of Engg., Science & even Research etc. In today's world where markets are fast globalising Mathematics stands out as an important subject which students should not deprioritise.

So here are a few points that students have to keep in mind while preparing for their Class 12th CBSE Mathematics Board Exam in order to score well in the subject.


There are 29 questions in total alongwith proper marks distribution for each section as stated under. The below is the pattern followed in the CBSE Class 12th Mathematics 2013 Paper.

Section A (10 marks): It consists of 10 questions each of 1 mark.
Section B (48 marks): It consists of 12 questions of 4 marks each.
Section C (42 marks): It consists of 7 questions of 6 marks each.

View the Blue Print Issued by CBSE for 2014 Mathematics Board Exam:


For Further Reference:

CBSE Sample Paper 2013 View
2012 View
Previous Year Question Paper 2013 View
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Solved Guess Paper 2014 View

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