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CBSE Class 12th Physics Notes: Wave Optics (Part – I)

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Wave optics is one of the most important chapters of CBSE Class 12 Physics. Total weightage of Chapter -9 (Ray Optics and Optical Instruments) and Chapter 10 (Wave Optics) of NCERT textbooks in CBSE Class 12 Physics Board Examination is of 25 Marks.

The chapter Wave Optics is broad and concepts given in this chapter are a little bit complicated. We have divided the notes of this chapter into several parts. This is the Part -I where we have provided short and simple notes on the following topics and sub-topics:

•    Huygens Principal

•    Reflection & Refraction of Light Waves using Huygens Principle

•    Coherent & Incoherent Waves

•    Superposition Principal

•    Interference of Light Waves

•    Conditions for Interference

•    Young’s Double Sit Experiment

•    Fringes in Interference Pattern

The short notes given below on the above-mentioned topics and sub-topics are very important for board examination as well as competitive examination.

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