CBSE Class 12th Reproduction in Organisms - Stages of Sexual Reproduction

In this video we will learn about the various stages of sexual reproduction and animal breeding.

Each and every organism has a certain life span and they have to continue their generation. Reproduction is the process through which organism passes their genetic material to the next generation.

  • Juvenile Phase also known as pre-reproductive phase where rapid growth occurs.
  • In plants, this Juvenile Phase is called as vegetative phase.
  • Reproductive phase: a plant or animal attains sexual maturity.
  • Senescent phase: deterioration of all the organs takes place.
  • In flowering plants, reproductive phase mainly two types : Monocarpic plants and poly- carpic plants.
  • Strobilus kunthiana and bamboo plants, flower once in its lifetime so they are the example of monocarpic plant.
  • China rose and Rose plants, flower every year in its life time so they are the example of polycarpic plants.
  • Frog, lizards and many types of birds are the example of seasonal breeding.
  • Dogs, cats and human beings are the example of continuous breeding.

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