CBSE Class 9 Mathematics Important 1 Mark Questions for Annual Exam 2020

A good question bank is a kind of tool that helps you summarise the huge syllabus, helping you revise quickly and effectively. Solving various questions based on different concepts/topics helps to strengthen your knowledge.

We are providing here a set of the most important 1 mark questions for CBSE Class 9 Mathematics Exam. All these questions have been provided with detailed solutions to help students make an easy and quick preparation for the Class 9 Maths Annual Exam 2020.

In CBSE Class 9 Mathematics Exam 2019, Section - A will comprise 20 questions of 1 mark each. All these questions will be given in different formats like multiple choice type questions, fill in the blanks and veru short answer type questions.

In this article, we have provided several very short answer type questions based on all important concepts and formulae. Practicing with these questions will help you clear all the fundamental concepts so that you are able to deal with all type of questions asked in Section-A.

Given below are some sample questions for CBSE Class 9 Mathematics: Important 1 Mark Questions:

Q.  If (1, −2) is a solution of the equation 2x – y = p, then find the value of p.


2x − y = p

Putting x = 1, y = −2, in above equation, we get:

            2(1) – (−2) = p

⟹       p = 4

CBSE Class 9 Mathematics Syllabus 2019-2020

Q. If the graph of equation 2x + ky = 10k, intersect x-axis at point (2, 0) then find value of k.


Here,   2x + ky = 10k               ...(i)

At point (2, 0), equation (i) becomes:

            2(2) + k(0) = 10k

⟹       4 = 10k

⟹       k = 10/4 = 0.4

Q. Find the radius of largest sphere that is carved out of the cube of side 8 cm.


The largest sphere can be carved out from a cube, if we take diameter of the sphere equal to edge of the cube.

∴ Diameter of the sphere = 8 cm

Thus, radius of the sphere = 8/2 = 4 cm

Q. If P(E)= 0.25 what is the value of P(not E).


P(E) + P(not E) = 1 [∵ Sum of the probabilities of all the elementary events is 1]

∴ 0.25 + P(not E) = 1

P(not E) = 1 − 0.25

P(not E) = 0.75

CBSE Class 9 Mathematics Practice Papers

Q. If two parallelograms PQRS and AQRB are on the same base QR and between the same parallels QR and PB, what will be the ar (PQRS) if ar (AQRB) = 25cm?


Since, area of parallelograms on the same base and between same parallels is always same,

So as parallelogram PQRS and AQRB are on the same base and between same parallels,

So, ar(PQRS) = ar(AQRB)

Since, DAQRB = 25 cm2

∴  ar(PQRS) =25 cm2

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