CBSE Class 9 Examination 2019-20: Check Maths and Science Practice Papers with Solutions

Solving CBSE practice papers makes the best practice to prepare for the examinations. This helps you to get an idea of the type and nature of questions that may be asked in your examinations. Moreover, solving a number of problems designed by experts helps to clear all the concepts and learn formulae effectively so that you become efficient enough to solve other similar problems accurately in exams. When you solve the practice papers or sample papers, you can estimate the problems you may have to face at the time of exam like time management, working on long questions, etc. As you anticipate the problems, you may draw a plan in advance to tackle the situation and perform well in exams.

Considering the importance of practice papers for students, we are presenting here the CBSE practice papers for class 9 Maths and Science subjects. All these practice papers are designed by subject experts and contain questions from all chapters of class 9 Maths and Science. Questions in all practice papers are thoroughly solved which makes it more convenient to find accurate concepts and steps of a solution.

CBSE Class 9 Maths Practice Papers

CBSE Class 9 Science Prcatice Papers:

Maths and Science being two most important subjects in class 9, must be learned with regular practice. Rote learning in these two subjects would result in low performance. To grasp the concepts, laws and facts included in Maths and Science, one must practice with pen and paper. Try to solve as many questions as possible. Good understanding of these subjects at this level of class 9 is thought to go a long way in performing well in higher classes and paving an influential career for you.

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