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CBSE Class 9 Maths: Extra Questions - Chapter 2 - Polynomials (with Answers)

Gurmeet Kaur

CBSE Class 9 Maths extra questions (with answers) for Chapter 2 - Polynomials can be accessed from here. These extra questions are entirely based on the NCERT textbook. Most of the questions are simple and appropriate to test your conceptual understanding. So, you should solve all these questions for self-assessment and score well in your Maths Exam 2020-2021.

CBSE Class 9 Maths Extra Questions for Chapter 2 - Polynomials:

1. Degree of a zero polynomial is

(i) One

(ii) Zero

(iii) Not defined


Not defined

2. What is the degree of a constant polynomial?



3. Number of zeroe(s) all the linear polynomial have is/are:

(i) Two

(ii) One

(iii) Three

(iv) None


(ii) One

4. Which of the following expressions is not a polynomial?

(i) 5x3+x2–2

(ii) x1/2+3x+1

(iii) 3x-1+1

(iv) (9x +1) ÷ (x)


(i) 5x3+x2-2

5. Find the product of (x – 3y) (x + 3y) (x2 + 9y2).


(x4 – 81y4)

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6. Find the value of x – 1/x, If x2 + 1/x2 = 18.


x – 1/x = ±4

7. Find the value of 105 × 106 without actual multiplication?


105 × 106 = 11,130

8. Which of the following statements (s) is/are correct?

(i) Every linear polynomial in one variable has a unique zero.

(ii) Every non-zero constant polynomial has no zero.

(iii) Every real number is a zero of the zero polynomial.

(iv) All of the above statements are correct


(iv) All of the above statements are correct

9. Factorise: (a – b)3 + (b – c)3 + (c – a)3


3(a2(c−b) + b2(a−c) + c2(b−a))

10. If p(x) is a polynomial of degree n > 1 and a is any real number, then (i) x – a is a factor of p(x),

(i) If p(a) > 0

(ii) If p(a) < 0

(iii) If p(a) = 0

(iv) For any value of P(a)


If p(a) = 0

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