CBSE Class 9 Multiple Choice Questions Practice Paper: Set III

Be it the field of education or jobs, everywhere candidates have to go across the cut throat competition to grab the desired place. They have to sit for a competitive examination where they are ranked according to their grades. Depending upon their ranks they are then offered the right privileges in the respective fields.

Today, high school students have to start preparing for the competitive exam they will be taking after class 10 or class 12. For this they need the right study material which helps them read the extract of complete curriculum without disturbing their regular school studies.

To help students get the best preparation material we bring here the CBSE Class 9 Multiple Choice Questions Practice Paper: Set III which will help them to comprehend the whole syllabus of class 9 in more effective way. These MCQs have been prepared to cover all conceptual topics explained in the core subjects like Mathematics, Science, Social Science and English subjects. All these questions have been prepared by the experienced teachers to bring the extract of all important topics taught in CBSE Class 9.

CBSE Class 9 Mathematics Question Paper 2018-19: Set I

Students preparing for any scholarship exam must consider these questions of utmost importance. Also, these questions are quite helpful for the students preparing for the Diploma entrance level test after class 10 or those who are planning to take admission in Class 12 in various prestigious universities of India like Aligarh University, Jamia University, Banaras Hindu University, etc.

A few questions from Class 9 MCQs Practice Paper: Set III, are:

Q. Four objects A, B, C and D of masses 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg and 20 kg respectively are moving with same velocity. Which of these has the least momentum?

(a) D                                                      (b) A

(c) B                                                       (d) C

Q. A body of mass 50kg exerts a force of 500N on the ground. The force exerted by the ground on the body will be

(a) 50N                                                 (b) 25000N

(c) 500N                                               (d) 10N

Q. The no. of water molecules contained in 3.6 x 10-3 g of water, is:

(a) 6.023 x 1023                                  (b) 36 x 6.023 x 1023

(c) 2 x 6.023 x 1019                                          (d) 3.6 x 6.023 x 1019

CBSE Class 9 Multiple Choice Questions Practice Paper: Set II

 Q. I said to him, “Are you going to Delhi?”

(a) I told him if he is going to Delhi.

(b) I told him if you were going to Delhi

(c) I asked him if he was going to Delhi

(d) I asked him if he is going to Delhi.

Q. Which sector do trade, transport, communication, banking etc. come in?

(a) Primary                                          (b) Secondary

(c) Tertiary                                          (d) None of these

Q. In which of the following cases of motions, the distance moved and the magnitude of displacement are equal?

(a) If the car is moving on a straight road.

(b) If the car is moving in circular path

(c) The pendulum is moving to and fro.

(d) The earth is revolving around the sun

Q. In a polynomial in , the indices of  must be

(a) Integers                                        (b) Positive integers

(c) Non-negative integers            (d) Real numbers

Q. The measure of an angle is five times its complement. The angle measure

(a) 25o                                                   (b) 35o

(c) 65o                                                                             (d) 75o

Q. Which of the following formed the ruling group of the Maasai Community?

(a) Elders                                             (b) Warriors

(c) Older                                              (d) Seniors

Q. Central Highlands Consists of the following plateaus:

(a) Malwa, Sahyadri, Bundelkhand, Baghel Khand

(b) Malwas, Bundelkhand, Baghelkhand, Chotta Nagpur

(c) Cardamom, Nilgiri, Malwa, Nallawalahills

(d) Javadi Hills, Bundelkhand

Download the complete practice paper from the following link:

CBSE Class 9 MCQs Practice Test 2018-19: Set 3


At the end of these Multiple Choice Questions, there is given an answer key, referring which students may check the correctness of their own answers without wasting time in shuffling with various books to find correct answers.

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