CBSE Class 9 Multiple Choice Questions Practice Paper: Set IV

For every competitive/entrance exams, choice of right study material and good practice plays a very important role. In this era of technology, where everything is free and easily available, it is really hard for you to pick the right things. And if you start studying anything irrelevant, it can make you stay far behind in the race of competitors. In the best Interest of students, jagranjosh is always keen to present the quality content that adds value to your preparation journey for any competitive exam.

Here we bring another addition to the set of most reliable practice material for school students to crack the competitive exams with flying colours. It is the collection of Multiple Choice Questions based on CBSE Class 9 curriculum. These MCQs have been prepared to cover all conceptual topics explained in core subjects studied in class 9 like Mathematics, Science, Social Science and English. All these questions have been prepared by the experienced teachers to bring the extract of all important topics.

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Students preparing for any scholarship exam must solve the CBSE Class 9 Multiple Choice Questions Practice Paper: Set IV. Also, these questions are quite helpful for the students preparing for the Diploma entrance level test after class 10 or those who are planning to take admission in Class 12 in various prestigious universities of India like Aligarh University, Jamia University, Banaras Hindu University, etc.

A few questions from Class 9 MCQs Practice Paper: Set IV, are:

Q. A two-third filled water tanker is running with a uniform speed. When the brakes are suddenly applied, the water in its tank

(a) Moves backward                       (b) Moves forward

(c) Rise upward                                 (d) Remain unaffected

Q. When a body is fully or partially submerged in a liquid, it undergoes an apparent loss in its weight due to

(a) Decrease in acceleration due to gravity

(b) Greater than the weight of liquid displaced by the body

(c) Equal to the weight of liquid displaced by the body

(d) Volume of liquid displaced by the body

Q. Which of the following shows tyndall effect?

(a) Salt solution                              (b) Milk

(c) Copper sulphate solution          (d) None of these

CBSE Class 9 Multiple Choice Questions Practice Paper: Set III

Q. The value of {2 – 3(2 – 3)3}3  is

(a) 5                                                 (b) 125

(c) 1/5                                              (d) – 125

Q. If the sides of a triangle are produced in order, then the sum of the three exterior angels so formed is

(a) 90o                                             (b) 180o

(c) 270o                                            (d) 360o

Q. Which of the following is not a criterion for congruence of triangles?

(a) SAS                                             (b) SSA

(c) ASA                                             (d) SSS

Q. Where was Imperial forest Research Institute set up?

(a) Hyderabad                                 (b) Pune

(c) Bombay                                      (c) Dehradun

Q. As one moves from south to north, the duration of the day and night is influenced by

(a) Longitudinal extent                  (b) Both (a) and (b)

(c) Latitudinal extent                     (c) None of these

Q. The highest peak in the Eastern Ghat is

(a) Anai Mudi                                   (b) Kanchenjunga

(c) Mahendragiri                              (d) Khasi

Q. He said to me, “You are my best friend.”

(a) He asked me if I was his best friend.

(b) He told me that I was his best friend.

(c) He told to me that I was his best friend.

(d) He told me that he was my best friend.

Download the complete practice paper from the following link:

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At the end of CBSE Class 9 Multiple Choice Questions, there is given an answer key, referring which students may check the correctness of their own answers without wasting time in shuffling with various books to find correct answers.

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