CBSE Class 9th Maths Exam 2020: Important MCQs with Answers from Chapter 1 Number System

Multiple Choice Questions, MCQs will form a significant part of the Mathematics question paper in CBSE Class 9 Annual Exam 2020. Students can easily score full marks in these objective type questions with a little hard work and good practice. We are providing here the Number System MCQ questions which are prepared by subject experts. All the questions are based on important concepts involved in the chapter. This set of important questions will form a good practice test for students, making them revise all fundamental concepts quickly.

Find below the MCQs from CBSE Class 9 Maths Chapter 1Number System:

1. In between two rational number there is/are:

a) Exactly one rational number

b) Infinitely many rational number

c) Many irrational numbers

d) Only irrational numbers

Answer: (b)

New* CBSE Class 9th Science Important MCQs for Annual Exam 2020

2. The product of a rational and an irrational numbers is:

a) Always an integer

b) Always a rational number

c) Always an irrational number

d) Sometimes rational and sometimes irrational

Answer: (c)

3. The decimal expansion of an irrational number may be:

a) Terminating

b) Recurring

c) Either terminating or non- terminating

d) Non-terminating and non-recurring

Answer: (d)

4. A rational number between √2 and √3:

a) 1.9

b) (√2. √3)/2

c) 1.5

d) 1.8

Answer: (c)

CBSE Class 9 Maths New Exam Pattern for Annual Exam 2020

5. Which of the following is irrational?

c) √5

d) √81

Answer: (c)

6. 4√5 + 5√5 is equal to:

a) 9√5

b) 9√10

c) 5√10

d) 7√5

Answer: (a)

7. Which of the following is irrational?

a) 0.4014001400014…

b) 0.14

Answer: (a)

8.√12 X √15 is equal to:

a) 5√6

b) 6√5

c) 10√5

d) √25

Answer: (b)

CBSE Class 9 Maths Important Questions of All Formats for Annual Exam 2020

9. Which of the following is equal to x2?

Answer: (d)

a) 1/4

b) 1/2

c) 4

d) 1/16

Answer: (b)

Answer: (b)

12. What would be the denominator after rationalizing 7/(5√3 - 5√2)?

a) 19

b) 20

c) 25

d) None of these

Answer: (d)

CBSE Class 9 Maths Solved Practice Paper for Annual Exam 2020

Answer: (a)

a) 2.732

b) 0.2679

c) 0.732

d) 0.517

Answer: (d)

15. Value of (256)0.16 X (256)0.09 is:

a) 4

b) 16

c) 64

d) 256.25

Answer: (a)

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