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CBSE Class 9th Maths Important MCQs from Chapter 7 - Triangles (with Answers)

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CBSE Class 9 MCQs on Triangles are exclusively prepared by the subject experts to help students easily prepare for their upcoming CBSE Class 9th Maths Term 1 Exam 2021-2022. These multiple choice questions are best to revise the important concepts, formulae and theories involved in class 9 Maths Chapter 7- Triangles. Practicing with these questions will help you answer all the objective type questions accurately in the exam. PDF of these important questions can also be downloaded from the link provided at the end of this article.

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MCQ Questions & Answers from CBSE Class 9 Maths Chapter 7 Triangles are given below:

Q1. In two triangles DEF and PQR, if DE = QR, EF = PR and FD = PQ, then

a) ∆DEF ≅ ∆PQR

b) ∆FED ≅ ∆PRQ

c) ∆EDF ≅ ∆RPQ

d) ∆PQR ≅ ∆EFD

Answer: (b)

Q2. In ∆ABC, BC = AB and ∠B = 80°. Then ∠A is equal to:

a) 80o

b) 40o

c) 50o

d) 100o

Answer: (c)

Q3. Two sides of a triangle are of length 5 cm and 1.5 cm. The length of the third side of the triangle cannot be:

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a) 3.6 cm

b) 4.1 cm

c) 3.8 cm

d) 6.9 cm

Answer: (d)

Q4. In ∆PQR, if ∠R > ∠Q, then

a) QR > PR

b) PQ > PR

c) PQ < PR

d) QR < PR

Answer: (b)

Q5. D is a point on the side BC of a ΔABC such that AD bisects ∠BAC. Then

a) BD : DC = AB : AC

b) CD > CA

c) BD > BA

d) BA > BD

Answer: (a)

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Q6. It is given that Δ ABC ≅ Δ FDE and AB = 5 cm, ∠B = 40° and ∠A = 80°. Then which of the following is true?

a) DF = 5 cm, ∠F = 60°

b) DF = 5 cm, ∠E = 60°

c) DE = 5 cm, ∠E = 60°

d) DE = 5 cm, ∠D = 40°

Answer: (b)

Q7. All the medians of a triangle are equal in case of a:

a) Scalene triangle

b) Right angled triangle

c) Equilateral triangle

d) Isosceles triangle

Answer: (c)

Q8. In the given figure, PS is the median then ∠QPS?

a) 40o

b) 50o

c) 80o

d) 90o

Answer: (b)

Q9. In triangle PQR if ∠Q = 90°, then:

a) PQ is the longest side

b) QR is the longest side

c) PR is the longest side

d) None of these

Answer: (c)

Q10. In the given figure, AB = AC and ∠B = 50° then; ∠A is:

a) 50o

b) 80o

c) 100o

d) 130o

Answer: (b)

Q11. In the given figure, if the exterior angle is 135o then ∠P is:

a) 45o

b) 60o

c) 80o

d) 90o

Answer: (d)

Q12. If in ΔPQR, PQ = PR then:

a) ∠P = ∠R

b) ∠P = ∠Q

c) ∠Q = ∠R

d) None of these

Answer: (c)

Q13. In a triangle ABC, ∠B = 35° and ∠C = 60°, then

a) ∠A = 80°

b) ∠A = 85°

c) ∠A = 120°

d) ∠A = 145°

Answer: (b)

Q14. In triangles ABC and PQR, AB = AC, ∠C = ∠P and ∠B = ∠Q. The two triangles are:

a) Isosceles but not congruent

b) Isosceles and congruent

c) Congruent but not isosceles

d) Neither congruent nor isosceles

Answer: (a)

Q15. In triangles ABC and DEF, AB = FD and ∠A = ∠D. The two triangles will be congruent by SAS axiom if:

a) BC = EF

b) AC = DE

c) AC = EF

d) BC = DE

Answer: (b)

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