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CBSE 10th & 12th Board Exam 2021-22 (Term 1): Most Important Guidelines (OMR Related), CBSE Sample Paper, Revised CBSE Syllabus, Updates

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CBSE Class 10 & Class 12 Term 1 Board Exam 2021-22: Check CBSE Guidelines to fill OMR sheet, revised CBSE Syllabus, CBSE Sample Papers & other useful details and updates regarding Term 1 CBSE Class 10th & Class 12th board exam 2021-22. Students of CBSE Class 10 & Class 12 are advised to learn guidelines published by CBSE for attempting Term 1 CBSE board exams 2021-22. Students are also advised to check important resources such as CBSE Sample Paper, CBSE Syllabus & other important resources for the preparation of upcoming Term 1 CBSE 10th & 12th board exams 2021-22.

CBSE OMR Sheet & Important Instructions: CBSE 10th & 12th Board Exam 2021-22

NCERT Books for Class 12 (PDF): All Subjects - Subject-wise & Chapter-wise!

CBSE Guidelines for Term 1 Exams: Class 10 & Class 12

⏩ Use of pencil is strictly prohibited in CBSE Term 1 Exam.

⏩ Only Blue/Black ballpoint pen is to be used for filling in desired information & for giving responses. 

⏩ If a pencil is used for filling the OMR sheet then this will be considered as the use of unfair means & action will be taken against the student (as per unfair means rules). 

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⏩ Important information of the student will be prefilled in the OMR. 

⏩ Candidates need to write the Question Paper Code in the upper right corner (in the space provided for the same). 

⏩ Code of question paper will be written on the Question Paper

⏩ Candidates need to write in his or her own hand in the space provided

"I confirm that all particulars given above are correct" with a sign in the running hand on the OMR sheet. 

⏩ There is a space for answering 60 questions in the OMR sheet irrespective of the total number of questions given in the Question Paper of any subject. 

CBSE Term 1 Xth & XIIth Board Exam 2021-22: Check New OMR Sheet’s PDF & Other Important Resources!

⏩ Students will use maximum circles as per the total number of questions given in the Question Paper for providing responses. This should be only in serial. 

⏩Answers given after the maximum question number will not be evaluated. 

⏩ Meaning thereby, if there are 45 questions in some Question Papers and the candidate is changing Question no 46 in OMR and writing this question as 45 and then giving the answer, it will not be evaluated.

⏩For providing a response, 4 circles i.e. (a),(b), (c) & (d) are given in front of each question in a row. Students once confident about the correctness of reply should darken the circle with a pen. 

⏩ After 4 circles are over, a box is given in the same row. Candidates have to write the correct option in this box i.e. a or b or c or d as the answer is. 

⏩ After the box, again a circle is given ahead of the box wherein the question number is also written inside the circle. This circle is to be darkened by the candidates if they have not attempted this question. 

⏩ Students are advised that first of all they should mark the response by darkening the circle. If completely satisfied then the student should write a response in a box. Purpose of giving a box is only that if any candidate wishes to change the response, the same be written in the box. 

⏩ Even if a student is satisfied with darkening the circle, this response needs to be written in the box. Students have to reply both in a circle and in a box. 

⏩ Reply written in the box will be treated as final.  

⏩ If the box is empty & the response is marked in the circle, it will be assumed that the Question has not been attempted by the candidate. 

⏩ If the response is given in a box & the circle is left blank, it will be assumed that the Question has been attempted by the candidate. 

⏩ If all the 3 i.e. 4 circles, box & last circle are left blank, it will be assumes that the problem has not been attempted.

⏩ CBSE Schools will download the OMR sheets in advance as per the schedule given in the guidelines (as provided by CBSE). 

⏩ Centre Superintendent will put the OMR sheets’ safely under lock & key after downloading and will be used only on the examination day after affixing facsimile stamps of the examination Centre Superintendent.

Revised CBSE Syllabus (Term 1): Class 10 & Class 12 

Questions based only on Term 1 CBSE Syllabus will be asked so students are advised to concentrate on Term 1 CBSE Syllabus and topics mentioned in it. Subject-wise CBSE Syllabus for 10th & 12th has been provided by Jagran Josh and can be accessed with the help of download link given below.

9th, 10th, 11th, 12th - Revised & Reduced CBSE Syllabus Term 1 & 2 (Combined): Science, Commerce, Arts!

CBSE Sample Paper (MCQ Based) 2021-22: Class 10 & Class 12

CBSE Sample Papers 2021-22 (Term 1) for 10th & 12th have been recently published by the board and are based on revised CBSE Syllabus. With these papers one can easily understand the new exam pattern. One can access all the sample papers from the link given below

MCQ Based CBSE Sample Paper 2021-22 for 10th & 12th (Term 1) Board Exams: CBSE Marking Scheme & Answers 2021-2022

Other Important Resources

Besides these resources, students are also encouraged to learn other important resources such as NCERT textbooks, NCERT Solutions, Previous Year papers etc. With these resources, one can easily enhance their knowledge and preparation level. All these resources are available free of cost in the CBSE section of Jagran Josh.

CBSE Term 1 Admit Card 2021-22 Class 12 (Released): Check How to Download & Also Get Direct Download Link!

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