CBSE Class 10 Science Marking Scheme for Sample Paper 2020

CBSE marking scheme for Class 10 Science sample paper 2020 is released by the board to help students know the correct answers to all questions given in the sample question paper. Though, this marking scheme does not contain the detailed solutions but it mentions the key concepts and principles which must be included in the solutions. This suggests that students should keep their answers concise by infusing correct keywords and concepts instead of writing long and irrelevant theories. Students should solve the CBSE sample papers and refer the marking scheme to check the correctness of their answers.

We have given below a screenshot of the CBSE Class 10 Science Sample Paper Marking Scheme 2020, which gives a preview of the marking scheme showing the correct answers of all questions along with distribution of marks across them.



Marking Scheme for Sample Question Paper 2019-20

Check the following links to download the complete CBSE marking scheme with sample paper:

CBSE Class 10 Science Sample Paper Marking Scheme 2020

CBSE Class 10 Science Sample Question Paper 2020

Pattern of CBSE Class Science Sample Paper 2020

CBSE Class 10 Science Sample Paper 2020 has a different format. Unlike the previous year, class 10 Science question paper 2020 includes objective type questions. Also the number of total questions in the paper has increased to 30 from 27 of last year.

Check below the structure of CBSE class science sample paper 2020:


Type of Questions


A: Question no. 1-14

Objective Type Questions (1 mark each)


A: Question no. 15-24

Short Answer Type Questions (3 marks each)


A: Question no. 25-30

Long Answer Type Questions (5 marks each)





Objective type questions in Section A come in following different formats:

  • Multiple choice type questions
  • Assertion-reason type questions
  • Answer in one-word type questions
  • Data based questions

To understand the criteria that how to apply concepts of Science to answer these one markers in section A, thoroughly check the CBSE Science marking scheme provided here.

Learn right technique to write your exam correctly:

While working hard to prepare for the CBSE board examinations, another important thing to consider is to understand how to write perfect answers in the board exams. Many of students are of opinion that writing lengthy answers may help them secure more marks in board exams which is absolutely wrong. Examiners always look for the right and relevant keywords in an answer. Moreover, in CBSE exams, step-wise marking is followed while evaluating the answer sheets, according to which each correct step in an answer is awarded separate marks. So, students should emphasise on keeping their answers crisp and brief by involving correct information. Follow the CBSE sample paper marking schemes to understand the answer writing technique.

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