CBSE Sample Paper 2021 for Class 12 Graphic (Subject Code – 050)

CBSE 2021:The Central Board of Secondary Education has released the new CBSE Sample Paper for 12th Graphic (Subject Code – 050) board exam 2021 (based on reduced CBSE Syllabus 2020-21) along with the CBSE Class 12th Graphic Marking Scheme 2021. Students having Graphic (Subject Code – 050) as one of their subjects should check this sample paper to understand the new exam pattern of CBSE 12th Graphic board exam 2021.

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CBSE Sample Paper 2021 for Class 12 Graphic (Subject Code – 050):

Graphic (Code – 050)

Class -XII Session (2020-21)

Sample Question Paper

Time allowed : 2 hrs. M.M. : 30 Marks

Section – A

Choose T/F from the following Statements 

1. Maru Ragini is the famous painting from Ragamala Series by artist Sahibdin.

2. The Horizontal Painting is an illustration from the ‘Gita Govind’ Series of Pahari School with the title ‘Krishna’ with Gopis.

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3. Artist Nainsukh has depicted in his painting a group of people Govind to Vrindavan.

4. A famous painting from Jahangir School depicting the Krishna lifting Mount Goverdhan.

5. Ustad Mansoor painted the famous Painting Felcon on ‘A Bird Rest’.

6. The magnificent painting show, Shahjahan accompanying the groom by the artist Haji Madani in ‘Dara Shikoh’.

Section – B

Instruction: Write answer to any one from each part of the question in about 30 words. (2x3)

I. Evaluate the Compositions arrangement of any two Contemporary (Modern) Indian Art.

1. Children


Santhal Family

2. Devi


Haldi Grindeer

3. Offwalks


Man, Women & Tree

Section – C

Instruction : Answers to be written for each question in 100 words. (3 x 2)

II. Why do you like or dislike any of the selected art work from each part of the following Justify

your answer on the basis of the aesthetic parameters:

1. Journey’s End


Mother & Child

2. Radhika



3. Shiv & Sati


Mother Terresa

Section D

Instruction: Answer to be written in 200 words 

Write a short note on any of the followings:

1. Krishna with Gopis.

2. Chaugan Player

3. Nand Yashoda & Krishna with kinsmen going to Vrindavan.

Section E

Instructions: Answer to be written is about 200 words:

1. Describe the main feature of The Mughal miniature School.

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