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CBSE: Steps to transfer school from one city to another city

Gurmeet Kaur

Parents usually start worrying about the school admissions for their kids, when they are two and a half years old. From play school to elementary education to graduation; everything becomes possible for a child when his or her parents become the backbone for them. As a parent, there is a need to crack and explore, in order to get the best school for your child.

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Often the Parents first and foremost priority is opting CBSE Private schools because they provide a very unique experience of academics to the children with the entire parental and safe environment for them to study. Even Government schools aren’t bad; they have built their mark by imparting free education along with many government-aided programs like the mid-day meal.

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In the similar fashion, parents get too concerned when they stumble upon circumstances leading to the change of city or change of school. Getting admissions to new school isn’t any easy job and can make one frustrated. Here, we are going to discuss about things to ponder upon for parents before opting for an admission to a new school.

Following procedures would ensure a hassle free admission for your child to a new school:

Before leaving the current school, you need to discuss all the concerns with them and get the transfer form from them. Also, make sure that you ask for all the approvals, certificates and the documents from them just to avoid any issues at your new place.

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When you finalize the school for your child in another city, take your child once to that school to make them aware of the new environment. Let them take a test there, so that you can get to know the whereabouts of the academics of the school, which would indeed benefit your child.

Be it any school in any city, there are some requirements like age limits and academics at their end for the transfer. Your child should be eligible for them because in schools they have separate criteria of transfer for all the classes.

Apparently with these steps will guide a parent in securing their child’s admission to one of the best schools without any problems to face upon. Thus, enjoying their life with family and child in a new city.

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