CBSE to Integrate Art with Classroom Learning Process

CBSE has decided to integrate Art with the teaching & learning process of all academic subjects from classes 1 to 12 (with the beginning of the academic session 2019-20). This move comes in a bid to promote active and experiential learning and to inculcate an appreciation of the vast diversity in the Indian art forms.

CBSE Class 10 Syllabus 2019-20: All Subjects

According to the circular released by CBSE “Art Integrated learning makes classroom transactions joyful and creative and also promotes the appreciation of our rich art and cultural heritage. However, it must be understood that though Art Education and Art Integrated Education may be considered as mutually exclusive, but Art Education is a necessary precursor for the adoption of Art Integrated learning”.

Main Points:

• Arts education will be taught as a mandatory subject for classes 1 to 12 and facilities for the same may be provided in every CBSE school.

• Every CBSE school shall compulsorily reserve a minimum of two periods per week, per class, for Art education.

• All the four main streams covered by the term arts, such as music, dance, visual arts and theatre, should be included.

• Emphasis should be given to learning rather than teaching, and the approach should be participatory, interactive, and experiential rather than instructive.

• CBSE has recommended that in addition to the four major spheres such as music, dance, visual arts (including crafts) and theatre the students of upper primary sections, that is, classes 6 to 8, should also be introduced toculinary art by establishing multi-disciplinary links across their subjects, so that they learn the value of nutritious food, learn about the crops and spices grown in India, about how oil is extracted from various seeds, about good agricultural practices, pesticides use.

• CBSE Schools are free to devise their own processes, with the two pre-conditions – one, that all safety aspects shall be well taken care of, and two, it should be a fun learning activity.

Meaning of Art Integrated Education:

CBSE circular says it is a cross-curricular approach to teaching and learning or teaching of a subject with the help of Art (Visual/performing etc.).

Art, in any of its forms, therefore, becomes the primary pathway to learn the subject/topic and also a way of assessment. The integration is meant not only to make the learning process joyful, but also to develop greater appreciation and understanding of the art form being utilized for this purpose.

Art Integration is not a replacement for Art education. Integration happens only after students have been directly taught the Arts. Without this background knowledge, neither the students nor the subject teachers will be able to integrate art in education.

For example, the notes in Hindustani Classical Music can be aligned with the teaching of Fractions in Mathematics. However, without the knowledge of music notes, it will be impossible for the students to comprehend the link between the two.

CBSE has pointed out some important points related to the necessity of art integration in education. Download the circular released by CBSE and check complete details (use this link).

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