CBSE Tracks Down More YouTube Videos Circulating Fake Exam Paper Leak Stories

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is taking strict action against rumor-mongers spreading fake news of CBSE Paper Leak on YouTube. On 22nd March 2019, the board released a public advisory with links of YouTube videos falsely claiming they have access to the Class 10th and 12th original question papers of subjects (Economics, English, and Social Science) which are yet to be conducted as per the CBSE Time Table 2019 of upcoming exams. CBSE located 7 YouTube videos spreading fake news of CBSE paper leak.

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As per the advisory, “The board is keeping a constant vigil and bringing unwanted activities to the notice of police immediately so that suitable and strict action against miscreants can be taken under provisions of IPC and IT Act. FIRs have already been lodged with Delhi Police against persons circulating fake news regarding paper leak and availability of question papers prior to the examinations.”

CBSE has appealed to students and parents not to react to such fake news in circulation and join hands with the board for a fair and smooth conduct of examinations.

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