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CDS (II) 2017 Exam: English Practice Questions - Antonyms Set 01

Shravan Nune

The UPSC will conduct the CDS (II) Exam 2017 on 19 November 2017. For the benefit of aspirants, Jagran Josh is providing the following questions on antonyms. The answers along with explanations as given below will help the candidates in understanding the nature of the questions in the exam.

Directions for the following 10 items: Each item consists of a word or a phrase which is underlined in the sentence given. It is followed by four words or phrases. Select the word or phrase which is closest to the opposite in meaning of the underlined word or phrase.

1. Kapil's bowling yesterday proved very costly.

(a) economical
(b) frugal
(c) thrifty
(d) expensive

Answer. A
While the meaning of costly is expensive, economical means cheap and inexpensive.

2. I cannot see much likeness between the two boys.

(a) enmity
(b) hatred
(c) difference
(d) dislike

Answer. C
Likeness means the fact or quality of being alike. The opposite word is difference.

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3. I am still dubious about that plan.

(a) certain
(b) doubtful
(c) docile
(d) faithful

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Answer. A
Dubious means doubtful. Its opposite word is certain.

4. The wise say that life is meant not merely to accumulate wealth but for self-realization.

(a) amass
(b) produce
(c) scatter
(d) gather

Answer. C
Accumulate means collect. Its opposite word is scatter.

5. He will never turn down your request.

(a) turn up
(b) turn over
(c) reject
(d) accept

Answer. D
Turn down means reject. The opposite word is accept.

6. Real happiness does not lie in material possessions alone.

(a) physical
(b) essential
(c) spiritual
(d) manual

Answer. C
Material means tangible and physical. The opposite word is spiritual that is transcendental.

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7. I was upset by his hostile attitude.

(a) friendly
(b) positive
(c) negative
(d) inimical

Answer. A
Hostile means confrontational attitude. Its opposite word is friendly.

8. Ashoka was a magnanimous king.

(a) small
(b) petty
(c) kind
(d) majestic

Answer. B
Magnanimous means generous or forgiving. The meaning is petty.

9. Male is always defiant in her behaviour

(a) obedient
(b) rebellious
(c) meek
(d) friendly

Answer. A
Defiant means resistant. Its opposite word is obedient.

10. I find his views repugnant.

(a) amiable
(b) replusive
(c) amoral
(d) apolitical

Answer. A
Repugnant means unacceptable. The opposite word is amiable.

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