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Q: My exam centre is quite far from my home and it takes more than 2 hours to commute to the place. Can my exam centre be changed to a nearer place so that I don't waste 4 hours in just travelling? Please help.

A: CBSE allows change in examination centre only if: Change of Examination Centres

(i) Save as provided for, no candidate shall be allowed to appear from an examination centre to which he/she has not been allotted.

(ii) The Chairman may allow change of an examination centre from one city to another if the student has joined a school in another city, provided that an application is made in writing and is duly forwarded by the Head of the Institution to which a candidate has been admitted.

(iii) The change of an examination centre from one city to another may be allowed to the candidate by the Chairman only in case of transfer/migration of his/her parents.  No change of centre shall, however, be allowed within one month of the commencement of examinations.

(iv) A candidate who has appeared at an examination centre not allotted to him/her without prior approval of the Board, shall forfeit his/her eligibility for examination and the Board has the right to declare him/her as 'Not Eligible' for the concerned examination.

(v) A candidate appearing for the first chance compartmental examination shall appear from a centre in the same Region from where he/she had appeared at the main examination.However, in case of transfer of the parent from one place to another, the Chairman may allow change of centre subject to fulfilment of the following:

(i) the parent produces a valid documentary evidence of his/her transfer from one place to another;

(ii) that the request for change of centre is received before 15th of July of the year; and

(iii) that the change of centre will be considered only subject to availability of question papers at the requested place of centre.

It is advisable that you talk to your principal first about the issue and seek his/ her guidance about the change in examination centre.

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