NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English (Beehive and Moments Textbooks) - Download Chapter-Wise Solutions in PDF

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English are provided here to help you access the simple and appropriate answers to all questions given in the English Textbooks - Beehive and Moments. All the answers have been prepared as per the guidelines suggested in the CBSE marking scheme which is released for the board examinations. Thus, with the help of NCERT solutions provided here, you can learn and develop the answer writing skills that are quite essential for obtaining good marks in exams. NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English are provided here in the form of chapter-wise PDFs which you may download and save them to use at your convenience.

Download the NCERT Solutions for Beehive and Moments textbooks fo Class 9 English from the links provided below:

We have also provided below the chapter-wise links from where you can directly download the NCERT solutions for any chapter you want. 

Chapter-Wise NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Beehive Textbook:

Chapter 1 - The Fun They Had

Poem - The Road Not Taken

Chapter 2 - The Sound of Music

Poem - Wind

Chapter 3 - The Little Girl

Poem - Rain on the Roof

Chapter 4 - A Truly Beautiful Mind

Poem - The Lake Isle of Innisfree

Chapter 5 - The Snake and the Mirror

Poem - A Legend of the Northland

Chapter 6 - My Childhood

Poem - No Men Are Foreign

Chapter 7 - Packing

Poem - The Duck and The Kangaroo (It has no exercise)

Chapter 8 - Reach for the Top

Poem - On Killing a Tree

Chapter 9 - The Bond of Love

Poem - The Snake Trying

Chapter 10 - Kathmandu

Poem - A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal

Chapter 11 - If I were you

Chapter-Wise NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments Textbook:

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Chapter 1 - The Lost Child

Chapter 2 - The Adventures of Toto

Chapter 3 - Iswaran the Storyteller

Chapter 4 - In the Kingdom of Fools

Chapter 5 - The Happy Prince

Chapter 6 - Weathering the Storm in Ersama

Chapter 7 - The Last Leaf

Chapter 8 - A House is Not a Home

Chapter 9 - The Accidental Tourist

Chapter 10 - The Beggar

Note: At the time of referring to these NCERT solutions, students are suggested to go down the CBSE Class 9 Engish Revised Syllabus for 2020-2021. They should carefully check the topics and chapters that are prescribed in the revised syllabus and prepare the same with the help of NCERT Solutions provided here. Also, take note of the topics and chapters that are deleted from the previous syllabus of CBSE Class 9 English.

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Class 9 English NCERT Solutions have been constructed by the experts after a thorough analysis of the Latest English NECRT textbooks and the CBSE guidelines. These solutions will provide you with the best learning experience with the best and accurate solutions that are easy to understand and memorize. So, read only the NCERT Solutions provided by Jagran Josh to excel in your examinations and emerge out as a top performer in your academics.

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