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Clutter free desk: secret to a stress free workday

Nidhi Gupta

Since childhood, we have been taught that it is a good habit to keep our surroundings and ourselves clean and tidy but when it comes to office desk, we find no way to clean the clutter that has made space for itself permanently. When it comes to our workstation in the office, keeping everything clean and tidy is a way of showing that you care about yourself. In fact a de-cluttered desk will also keep other people and your surroundings positive. Remember the proverb “cleanliness is next to Godliness”; it has become the motto of our work etiquettes in many workplaces and employees are also evaluated on the basis of the cleanliness they maintain around themselves because:

So here are a few tips that can help you de-clutter you desk easily for a stress free day, without consuming much of your time:

1. Make de-cluttering a daily habit

When you make yourself comfortable on the office desk, it is important that after you call it a day at work, wind up your workstation and put the things at their designated places. So the next time you arrive to work, you feel organised in the morning. A clean and organised desk will always give positive vibes and you will be able to think in a rational manner. When your manager would need a file, you won’t have to waste your time searching for it in the clutter. Moreover, a cleaner desk will show that you care about your belongings and are responsible enough to manage your life.

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2. Don’t eat food at your desk

Eating at desk often give rise to dirt because we can never clean the desk with care. If the food falls on the files and floor, it will give poor impressions of your cleanliness and hygiene levels. In case you have canteen facility in office, go out and have your food there. The foul smell of food also makes the environment around you very clumsy. Others might not prefer to breathe the smell which you relish a lot. Alongside, your hands are seldom clean when you enjoy the meal at your desk. This means that along with the food, you also savour germs which stick to your keyboard and files all day long. Do not keep open packets of biscuits and snacks in your drawer. The foul smell will breed more bacteria and will eventually give rise to microbes around you.

3. Take back your extra stuff at home

If you have umbrellas, woollen caps, mufflers, novels and magazines that you brought once to office, and don’t need them anymore, then it’s time that you take them home. Do not pile up the useless stuff in the office and make effective use of the space provided to you for storing official documents and files. Store only those items that you might need in the emergency. Keep a first-aid kit or medicines that can save you from allergies if you have any. You might not get allergy related medicine from office first aid.

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4. Shred or throw large amounts of paper clutter

It is a common observation that loose papers and A4 size sheets occupies most of the space on the desk. And at some point even you become confused as to which paper is relevant and which ones are useless. So bundle them up and keep the important ones in files and shred the worthless ones. If your office doesn’t have shredding machine then tear them carefully by concealing the official information and throw them in the wastebin.

5. Keep your photo gallery to bare minimum

Photo gallery in front of the desk is one best view of the day. But if you have loaded the wall of your desk with too many pics, even you won’t be able to enjoy the best moments that those picture depicts. And do not ever mix the pictures with the sticky notes for the day. Keep a separate space for the pictures of your dear ones and for reminding the tasks of the day. Pick and choose the best pics and put them in front of you.

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6. Label each shelf and segregate office stationery

The best way to always stay in touch with your files, books and papers is to keep them segregated. Always make separate compartments depending upon the client requirement or as per the classification suggested by your manager. Label each section where you wish to keep your important documents. It will save your time and effort on the part of finding them when you need it even years later.

7. Keep wires segregated

In the wake of technological development, wires often clutter the office desk. Three essential wires are always resting on the desk. One is the earphone wire, phone charging wire and the mouse wire. And when they get entangled, god knows the time it takes to separate them. In order to stay away from this mess, keep a wire holder with you. It will always keep these 3 wires in their place and you won’t have to detangle them time and again.

8. Place a pen holder on the table

When you need your pen the most, it hides itself in some notepad or between the pages of a file. So always keep a pen holder on the desk. Keep 2 to 3 pens in it. Always make sure that you have black, blue and red pen in it. If you need a highlighter to keep track of records, then keep one highlighter as well. You can also keep stationery items such as stapler, scissors, glue and board pins in it. A pen holder will save your effort to search for the office stationery in the drawer.

Summing Up...

It is true that being clean is a sign of goodness; in addition, it adds aspects such as smartness and alertness in your personality. With clean desk, you are always ready to make way for new ideas. You wouldn’t face the same old, dusty and unorganised stack of papers on daily basis.

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