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Common mistakes students make during placement interviews

Jagran Josh

College placements are a crucial affair and basically the real test of everything you have learnt over the span of 3-4 years. You could be a topper in all the semesters, but during the placements, you have start anew with every other student because the procedure for getting a job through college placement is tricky and involves a lot of non academic things as well. There are various stages of a placement session: Written test, group discussion and personal interviews. Here, we will look at some common mistakes students make during the interviews for college placement. Read on and save yourself from rejection.

1. Being overconfident
Thinking that the interview will be easy and not preparing enough for it is a common mistake students do. This is not your assignment submission which you can get postponed. Interview happens only once and you either get a job or do not. Irrespective of your achievements in past few years in college and your amazing performance in the tests and group discussion, you have to work hard and prepare for the interview because not doing so will land you in situation where you have no idea what anyone is doing. Talk to you seniors about the interview so that they can help you out if it is a company which has visited the campus before. Even if it hasn't, they certainly have more experience than you and will be able to help you out.

2. Not making a good resume

A resume made overnight by copy pasting things from the internet will not help you in setting a good impression on the recruiters. Copying exact things from the internet makes your resume very generic and impersonal. There are chances you won't even be able to explain half the things written in the resume to the interviewers. This is a complete no-no and something you should totally avoid doing. It is not important to stuff the resume with big English words, what is important is to write things with a personal touch and avoid grammatical errors at all costs. Also, make sure that the contact information is correct because you don't want to get selected and not be informed about it because of something so silly.

3. Being overconfident
While confidence is an ideal trait in any candidate applying for a job, lack or excess of it can make things very bad for you. No one wants to hire a miss know-it-all who does not want to take others' opinions into consideration. Talk about your ideas but don't be too stubborn about proving them correct because this is not a debate competition or a discussion you are having in your class. Listen to the interviewer patiently when they are saying something and if at all you need to disagree, do that with politeness. The same works for humour. Things, when said tastefully, take the conversation in a good direction. However, the chances of going wrong with the jokes are quite high and it is not something you would want to do during an interview.

4. Not dressing up properly
Just because the companies are coming to your college, it doesn't mean you will go for the interview in semi formals. Dress up for the interview properly with a focus on colours and design. The formal clothing will reflect your professionalism and help you gain those brownie points without having done anything major. In a study it was found out that the interviewers make up their mind about any candidate in the initial 3 minutes and after that they spend next 30 minutes trying to justify their choice. For men, professional dressing means wearing a suit in most cases, irrespective of the post they are applying for. If you have a doubt about what you should do, it will be safe to go conservative. When it comes to women, the position and company determine the clothing. For an IT company or a management position, it would be advisable to wear a formal suit, whereas for something which involves writing like journalism or for posts of social media manager etc can, Indian wear like kurti can also work.

5. Thinking that rejection is end of the world
Even after all the preparation, you might not get selected for the position you have applied for. Don't worry, life will give you many such chances and you with hard work and persistence, you will get what you want.

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Placement interviews can make you nervous because it is your first proper interaction with the professional world. However, if you control your nerves and prepare well, you can succeed in bagging the job.

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