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CTET: Child Developemt Questions-10

Yogesh Singh

Question1. RCEM approach of lesson planning has classified cognitive objectives into:
(A) 17 categories
(B) 3 categories
(C) 12 categories
(D) 8 categories
1. D

Question 2.In teaching-learning process which of the following things is done first?
(A) Determination of objectives
(B) Determination of strategies
(C) Task analysis
(D) Writing objective
2. D

Question3. According to Freud and Adler, human behavior is influenced by:
(A) Conscious mind only
(B) Repressed needs also
(C) External motives only
(D) None of these
3. B

Question4. Condition necessary for micro teaching is:
(A) Controlled environment
(B) Observation and criticism
(C) Reappeared manifestation of only one skill
(D) All of the above

4. D

Question5. Having many opportunities to choose from materials and use them at the water table results in an understanding that something float and some do not. With enough time, it may result in an understanding of how to choose materials that will float. It is an example of one of the five elements of Active Learning, known as
(A) Choice
(B) Materials
(C) Manipulation
(D) Adult support

5. C

Question 6.The phrase equal educational opportunities in India means:
(A) Equal opportunities for all children to have access to education
(B) Equality of type of education available for each child
(C) Equality of educational standards for each child
(D) Equal opportunities to have the type of educational for the type of educational for the type of education
6. A

Question.7 How shall you help a student who has failed in the half yearly examination?
(A) By giving grace marks
(B) By holding re- examina-tion
(C) By re-teaching difficult concepts
(D) By asking parents to arrange private tuition

7. C

Question.8 The students of class v make too much of noise in Maths class. The probable reason of this could be that the teacher
(A) Is not well versed in teaching methodology
(B) Is not able to maintain discipline in the class
(C) The children do not pay attention
(D) The children dislike the subject

8. A

Question.9 The Projective techniques of measuring personality is superior to other techniques because:
(A) They are easy to administer
(B) The examinee does not know that he is revealing his own self
(C) Statistical analysis of the result is possible
(D) None of these

9. B

Question10. Which is the best method of ‘study of child behavior’?
(A) Inspection method
(B) Practical method
(B) Interview method
(D) Personal study method

10. D

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