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CTET: Child Developemt Questions-4

Yogesh Singh

Q1: The process whereby the genetic factors limit an individual's responsiveness to the environment is known as
(a) Discontinuity
(b) Differentiation
(c) Range of reaction
(d) Canalization

Q2: The term 'Mnemonics' is linked with
(a) Memory
(b) Amnesia
(c) Cognitive behaviour
(d) Anaemia

Q3: What is the most important contribution of Frobel to education?
(a) Public high school
(b) Latin School
(c) Vocational school
(d) Kindergarten

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Q4: 'Gang age' period is related to
(a) Infancy
(b) Preadolescent
(c) Teen age
(d) Adult

Q5: If any child in your class always isolates from the rest of the class, you would...
(a) Ask the child to be normal by taking example of his classmates
(b) Try to understand the underlying clause
(c) Leave the child alone so that the child comes out of his own
(d) Inform the management that his presence may affect other students of the class.

Q6: Which of the followings is not an example of a child is genius ?
(a) Interest in encyclopaedia and dictionaries
(b) Uneasy relationships with peers.
(c) Early development of a sense of time
(d) Easy retention of facts

Q7: What is developed by the frequent use of brain storming method?
(a) Creativity
(b) Intelligence
(c) Perception
(d) Memory

Q8:  Physical growth is most rapid in which stage?
(a) Early childhood
(b) Infancy
(c) Adolescence
(d) School age

Q9: The two factor theory of intelligence was proposed by
(a) Spearman
(b) Wechsler
(c) Piaget
(d) Binet

Q10: "Child should be treated as child." Is quotation of which thinker?
(a) Roussoue
(b) Wechsler
(c) Binet
(d) Gagne

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1: (c)
3: (d)
4: (b)
5: (b)
6: (b)
7: (b)
8: (b)
9: (a)
10: (b)

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