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CTET 2021: Important Questions on Environmental Studies

Mayank Uttam

Get important questions on Environmental Studies for CTET 2020 and links of other important articles. There will be five sections in Paper 1 of CTET (i.e., Child Development and Pedagogy, Language I, Language II, Mathematics, Environmental Studies) and total 150 questions (30 questions from each section) will be asked in this paper. Environmental Studies is one of the most critical sections of Paper 1 and to help the candidates here we have provided some important questions which are expected to be asked in the Environmental Studies section of upcoming CTET 2020.

Check more detail about the latest syllabus and exam pattern of CTET 2021 from the link given below

CTET 2021 Latest Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Environmental Studies is one of the most important sections of CTET (Central Teachers Eligibility Test) Paper 1 and here we have provided some important questions which are expected to be asked in upcoming CTET 2021.

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CTET 2021: Important Questions on Environmental Studies

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CTET 2021: Important Questions on Environmental Studies

Question I: The common element which is present in both carbohydrates and proteins is

(1) Chlorine

(2) Nitrogen

(3) Sulphur

(4) Carbon

Answer: (4)

Question II: There is a species ‘A’ of plants that grow in a huge number but is found only in ‘B’ part of India in the whole world. Which type of species is it?

(1) Endangered

(2) Abundant

(3) Exotic

(4) Endemic

Answer: (4)

Question III: Which of the following is not a component of 5 Es?

(1) Evaluate:

(2) Explore

(3) Estimate

(4) Explain

Answer: (3)

Question IV: The gastric juice in the stomach of human beings is ........... and aids in the digestion of food.

(1) alkaline

(2) amphoteric

(3) neutral

(4) acidic

Answer: (4)

Question V: Which of the following group of animals has excellent sight and can see things four times more than humans?

(1) Bees, Mosquitoes, Butterflies

(2) Tigers, Leopards, Bulls

(3) Snakes, Silkworms, Lizards

(4) Kites, Eagles, Vultures

Answer: (4)

Question VI: Which of the following tools will be appropriate for assessing social- personal qualities of children engaged in learning EVS through group work?

(1) Assignments

(2) Rating scales

(3) Paper-pencil tests

(4) Oral questions

Answer: (2)

Question VII. The nature of environment studies does not advocate that:

(1) children make fewer mistakes.

(2) children get space to learn by doing.

(3) children ask a lot of questions.

(4) children get a lot of space to explore.

Answer: (3)

Question VIII: Which one of the following diseases may be caused by stagnant water?

(1) Malaria

(2) Polio

(3) Pneumonia

(4) AIDS

Answer: (1)

Question IX. Which one of the following places in our country is a "Cold Desert"?

(1) Jaisalmer

(2) Ladakh

(3) Meghalaya

(4) Darjeeling

Answer: (2)

Question X. Which of the following makes a correct pair?

(1) Assam-Bihu

(2) Orissa - Bharatnatyam

(3) Tamil Nadu - Lavani

(4) Karnataka - Kathak

Answer: (1)

Question XI: Bronze is a mixture of two metals. The names of these two metals are

(1) Copper and Zinc

(2) Copper and Iron

(3) Copper and Tin

(4) Aluminium and Tin

Answer: (3)

Question XII: The skills required to read a map include

(1) excellent communication skills to draw out the expressive ability

(2) excellent drawing and painting skills

(3) ability to understand relative position of places, distances and directions

(4) ability to use calculations and sketch positions on a globe

Answer: (3)

Question XIV: Khejri trees are mainly found in

(1) hot and humid conditions

(2) cool and dry conditions

(3) moderate conditions

(4) hot and dry conditions

Answer: (4)

Question XV: Mani frequently asks probing and imaginative questions in her Class V EVS class. By doing so, she aims at improving

(1) observation skills

(2) emotional skills

(3) listening skills

(4) thinking skills

Answer: (4)

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