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CTET February 2016: Tips to get high score

Jagran Josh

How to improve score in CTET 2016

Central board of secondary Education (the exam conducting body for CTET) has notified the date of examination of Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) to be held on February 2016. Candidates are keen to qualify it to be eligible for being teachers (class I to class VIII) in government schools (state governments conduct their own TET exam). On the other hand, it is an opportunity to improve your performance for those who have already qualified it. It is the time to reassess yourself and look back your shortcomings and learn from the mistakes. Here, it is necessary to mention that the validity period of CTET qualifying certificate for appointment will be seven years from the date of declaration of its result for all categories and there is no restriction on the number of attempts a person can take for acquiring a CTET Certificate. A person who has qualified CTET may also appear again for improving his/her score. The present article focuses on the strategies one can follow to improve his/her score of CTET. Point wise strategies are given below:

•Now you are already familiar with CTET Syllabus and Exam Pattern, analyses yourself and see that there are still a few areas which can be relooked upon to improve overall exam score and plan accordingly. It is expected that you have gone through NCERT books and preparing micro notes which are important for revision at the last minute.

Environmental studies for CTET Exam February 2016

•Attempt more mock tests, and know your strengths and weaknesses. List out the sections, types of questions according to your comfort level and try solving them in mock tests. Now, decide the time and effort that you need to devote to each section of every subject.

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•It is suggested to focus on Pedagogy that will sail you through. Child Development and Pedagogy and pedagogy of various sections together comprise of 60% of weightage of Paper 1 and 53% of Paper 2. Therefore, concentrate on the pedagogy part well to score good in CTET.

•As, it is less than a month to go, so, do not try to learn everything now.  Pick up the subjects that you are most comfortable with, and revise those. Do not learn unknown and new concepts in Mathematics, this can confuse you. One should know his/her strengths and weaknesses.

• It is important to mention again that selection of languages (language I and language II) is very important which focus on proficiency and abstracts, respectively. The choice of Language-1 should be a language whose fundamentals are clear and known to the candidate and have a regular practise of the language-1. Generally, Hindi or regional language is preferred as Language-1. Generally, the Language-II may be the second Language we taught in our primary school. For Hindi medium school students, language II may be English, for English medium schools, one can go for Hindi or regional language, for other regional-medium, you may choose English or Hindi,

•Plan your exam day. Get plenty of rest the night before, good sleep is necessary. Eat healthily and light meal. Get to the exam room with time to spare, get settled in and have time to relax before the test starts. Time management and planning to solve the question paper is very important to succeed in any exam, so, don’t waste your time on a question which is not known to you; switch to next question and attempt it at last. Also, one should read the statements of choices carefully before writing the correct option in the box. For managing speed, attempt easier questions first and mark the tougher ones for later time. If time permits, revise the answers.

So, it is less than a month to go, if you desire to score well in CTET Exam 2016, follow the tips given above which may be helpful and plan your preparations. A judicious mix of 'hard work', ‘dedication’ and 'right strategy' can be helpful to crack the CTET exams 2016 and score more. So, dedicate yourself to studies and aim at what you desire for.

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