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Job fair preparation tips for college students

Swati Mittal

Job fairs are a great opportunity for college students. They get to connect with various employers at once. Also, there is a lot of scope for networking with the people from industry. However, remember that you won't be the only candidate at the fair and there will be thousands of others like you. For you to get noticed and leave an impression on the recruiter's mind you'll have to stand out from the crowd. Which can be a little difficult if you end up going unprepared or without the major documentation to the fair. Employers often ask for on the spot interview and you need to ready for such situations. Hence, in this article, we have covered some important points that students should keep in mind before attending or while preparing for a job fair.

Pre-register for the fair

A lot of job fairs allow people to pre-register for the event through their website or other such online mediums. The process to is quite simple as all it requires is some small details such as your name, education details, the field of interest, resume or other relevant information. The purpose of pre-registering is simply to gives the organizers an idea of how many people are going to attend and also saves the applicant a lot of time on the event day.

Plan Ahead

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Pre-registration might have saved you loads of time on the event day as there is no hassle of waiting in long registration queues. But it still doesn't mean that you have plenty of time to look around at the fair. And to make the most of your time you need to plan ahead, shortlist the companies that you are interested in and appear for interviews also arrange them in the order of your preference. It makes no sense to show up last, to the employer that you are most interested in working for. Also, keep some spare time for on-spot things that usually happen unplanned.

Do Thorough Research On the Employers

Once you have shortlisted the organizations that you are interested in working for, make sure that you do a thorough research on them. Have a clear understanding of the company's objective and the kind of work they are involved in. Read everything that you get your hands on about the organization whether it's about their current projects, work culture or even job openings. All this is important to make sure that you jump straight to the point if the employers ask for a quick on the spot interview. Neither you nor the employer has the time to fool around or ask an unnecessary question. Also, if you are well informed about the company it gives you an edge over other applicants in the fair.


Prepare a pitch

The next step after having researched about the organizations that you are interested in to prepare a general 'elevator pitch'. You can think of it as a small 30 sec to a 1 min presentation where you will have the chance of introducing yourself to the employer. Remember that this is one of the most important steps of your preparation when appearing for any sort of interview. This pitch is basically your tool for marketing your skills and potential to your future employers. And in a job fair where everyone is at the shortage of time, you need to have a pitch that can attract the recruiter's attention in just about 30 seconds. Try to make it as innovative, creative, informative and impactful as you can make it.

Carry Multiple Copies of your Resume and Portfolio

Resume is the primary requirement of the employers at any interview. And at a job fair where you'd be interviewing with more than one employer its best to carry multiple copies of your resume. Also, make sure that your resume is updated. It's on the basis of your resume only that most of the employers would contact you after the fair. Make it a point to carry 2 resumes per employer that you are interested in and some extra copies also. 

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Dress Appropriately

Most people make the mistake of showing up to job fairs in casual wear, don't make that mistake. Job fairs are formal events and you should dress such for them. Your appearance matters a lot when appearing for an interview be it at some organization or a job fair. Well combed hair, formal attire, ironed clothes, polished shoes, well-kept beard (for boys) are some of the things that you should keep in mind whenever appearing for an interview. Prepare just as you'd have done when going to interview at some organization for an interview is an interview whether it's at some organization or a job fair.

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Be ready to network

Job fairs are one of the best places to expand your professional network. Collect the business cards of any employer that seems interesting or comes forth as someone whom you like to connect with later on. Keep some time at hand to explore employers apart from the ones on your preference list. Talk to as many people as you can and try to leave a good impression on anyone whom you feel can help you realize your career goals. Networking doesn't involve just getting to know the employers but it also means that you interact with fellow job applicants.

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Follow Up with the employers

Although, this is mentioned in the last doesn't mean that this is one of the least important things. It's quite the contrary actually this is one of the most important aspects to keep in mind whenever appearing for an interview. Always follow up with the employers a few days after the interview, especially the ones that you are interested in working for. In the case of events like job fair where an employer is interviewing numerous applicants you could also drop them a mail thanking them for their time, you could also mention the things that you feel are important but you missed out on during the interview. Also, don't forget to attach a copy of your resume and portfolio (if any) in that mail. Not many applicants follow up with the employers after the fair and those who do usually gain an edge over the others.

To conclude,

Job fairs are pretty important event form a job seekers point of view. And we hope that the above mentioned points will help you make the best of your visit the job fairs. For more such articles on placement or job interview tips please visit, Alternatively, you can also get them directly in your inbox by submitting your email-id in the box below.

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