JEE: Study Notes and Important Questions - Differential Equations

In JEE Main and JEE Advanced entrance examinations, the chapter Differential Equations plays an important role. In this article, we are providing the complete chapter notes of Differential Equations based on the latest syllabus of JEE examination. About 2-3 questions are being asked from this topic in the examination. Here, students will learn about the topics given below:

  • Definition of differential equation,
  • Order of differential equation,
  • Degree of differential equation,
  • General solution,
  • Particular solution,
  • Variable separable method,
  • Homogenous differential equation and
  • Linear differential equation

The concept given in this article is in concise form and can be used for revision before the examination. Some solved questions are also given in these notes which have been asked in the previous year engineering entrance exams.

Important Concepts:

Some previous year solved questions are given below:

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