Do unlimited shopping: Benefits of No Cost EMI Option

Ever since the rise of online shopping, customers have been going gaga over it. The trend of online shopping has now become a cult, which today’s generation is following like the Bhakti movement. And why shouldn’t they? It helps them to scroll over multiple ranges of products and buy them on the go, saving time, which is nothing but gold dust for online users. Interestingly, massive discounts and sales offers on user’s favorite products are the major driving force behind the popularity of online shopping.

The shopping possibilities in the online sphere is endless, however, the financial freedom of customers are limited. To bridge this gap, brands have started offering EMI options, which allow customers to pay the whole amount in monthly break-ups and they charge a nominal interest rate for doing so. Well, that’s seems fine.

Coming to the concept of No Cost EMI, it’s a scheme adopted by online shopping giants such as Amazon and Flipkart, where you can buy a product online through EMIs without doing any down payments or paying any additional interest fees.

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Try to understand the concept of No Cost EMI with an example:

Case 1: Suppose, you are planning to buy a LED Smart TV of Rs. 80K, and apparently you are going for EMI Option at an interest rate of 14%

Then 80,000 x .14 = 11200 is the overall interest (extra money) you will have to pay, which makes it:

80,000 + 11,200 = 91,200.

Since, you are going for EMI option, you will have to pay (91,200/12) = Rs.7,600 per month

Case 2: However, in “No Cost EMI Option”, you will simply have to pay (80,000/12) = Rs. 6,667 per month. (No interest charges are included)

Conclusion: You can see that, you clearly save an approx one thousand rupees per month in the No Cost EMI Option.

Things and benefits of No Cost EMI Offers:

As it’s Christmas Time, and the New Year’s Eve is knocking at our doors, it’s time for some celebration. It clearly suggests the demand for online shopping. So, if you have your financial restraints, no need to worry. The No Cost EMI scheme will make your life way easier and you will start feeling richer instantly.

Happy Shopping!

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