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Do you love to travel? Then, learn the ways to turn your hobbies into a job

Balwant Tripathi

There is hardly a person who wouldn’t like to travel, because everyone gets bored by staying at a place. So, to overcome the boredom, everyone wants to visit new places. This gives them the opportunity to know about the geographical structure of the places they see and get acquainted with the culture, language, and lifestyle of people they meet during their trip.

To know what kind of opportunities are available in this field for you and how you can build your career as a travel planner, go through the details we have provided here in this article:  

How to begin?

If someone has experience in travelling and has good knowledge of geography, then he can start working in this field without any course. Stream does not matter in this profession. Those who come up with the Diploma or Degree program in Travel and Tourism, they can easily get entry in this field. After completing 12th, anyone can pursue the degree or diploma courses specific and relevant to the field and make a good start in this profession.  

What to do?

The route, distance, important places, food and lodging facilities, and the estimated expenses of trip are well known by the travel planners. With this knowledge, the travel planners can plan the complete tour package for the client. Before planning a tour for the client, a good travel necessarily ascertains whether the weather condition of destination is right or fit for roaming around or not.

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Courses you can be pursue

If you want to pursue a Degree course specific and relevant to the field of travel or tourism, then you can get enrolled in three years long Bachelor degree courses such as Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business Management, Bachelor of Hotel Management, and Bachelor of Science. After graduation, Mater of Arts and Master of Business Administration degrees are been offered to the student, which also can be helpful for those who want to become a travel planner. Apart from Degree courses, 6 month certificates, 1 year PG diploma are also being offered to students. Though the travel and tourism industry is growing day by day everywhere throughout the world but no specific courses have, so far, been introduced to encourage the employment in this industry.

How to get entry in the industry

After completing relevant professional course, you can begin working as trainee travel planner after joining travel agency or Travel Company in your own city. This wouldn’t necessarily give the money but the lot of important knowledge about the field. Travel companies such as Make My Trip,, and can be the good options for the internship. After the Experience, you can be recruited in these same companies. Only online travel companies or online travel agencies offer jobs.

How much you can earn      

The job starts from 18 to 20 thousand rupees. If you have good knowledge, understanding of geography and foreign language, then you could get 30 to 35 thousand rupees easily in the beginning. People who have good communication skills and have themselves visited a lot of places can get handsome amount as a salary.

Institutes and colleges


After the results of board examinations are announced, most youths star thinking about what profession they should build career in. In their thought process, they try to find out the profession that would provide them opportunity to know about the distant places, and understand the different languages, and cultures of the natives. For this, becoming a travel planner can be a good and suitable profession for the students. Through this article, we have tried to provide all we think is important for those who want to become a travel planner.

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