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Do You Want To Become A Cricket Commentator? This Is The Complete Road Map!

Balwant Tripathi

There is euphoria and zeal among the Youths, kids, and cricket lovers for Indian Premier League2017. Which team will win the match or series? Who will be the man of the Match or Series?  What if their favourite players wouldn’t have committed the mistake? Who have performed well during the entire series? These are the boiling topics for cricket lovers who are coming across the live telecast of the Indian Premier League 2017. And as many as 20 cricket commentators are there to explain each and every aspect of the matches being played under the umbrella of IPL 2017. The commentators closely are tracking down each and every moment of the matches. The elaborated narration of the matches in most interactive, interesting, and attracting way catches the attention of score of population.

With the growing craze and enthusiasm for cricket, Its popularity has emerged as a boon not only for the players but for those, too, who talks about it. It's, exactly, Cricketer Commentator about whom we are talking about. He loves Cricket and, of course, talking about it. There has been a gradual and instant increase in the demand for the Cricket Commentators since the Indian Premier League came into existence. It has become top offbeat career opportunity with lucrative salaries and earning. And becoming a cricketer-commentator is not less than a fruitful, productive, ambitious, and prestigious job. It requires deep knowledge of the cricket, Good Communication Skill, Good English, Extrovert, Outspoken, and Talkative attitude and key information about the matches. Here're we elucidate on how to become a good cricket commentator for those who are dreaming for the same.

Make A Command Over English Speaking

As Cricket spreads throughout the globe, so does the demand for a Commentator who can communicate the status of a live match in the language that is understood by a large portion of the global population. No doubt, it’s the English through which one meet the requirement this profession. Therefore, English-speaking has essence for becoming a good Cricket Commentator. The language provides us the global platform.

Practice, Record And Make Error Free Commentary

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After having a brief practice on pronunciations, culture, diction, intonation, pitch and pace of the voice, record your own commentary of different matches into a tape recorder with the excellent command over the language and hear them. Then, Make corrections into the new recording. Approach TV and Radio Channels with those recordings once when an errorfree recording is made.

Deep Knowledge And  Information Is Key To This Offbeat Career

Loving, Talking and discussing Cricket isn't enough, you'll have come across the cricket matches and tournaments again and again. With the names of Cricketers and important cricket teams, one should keep the complete information and knowledge about important matches (past and present), dates, debacles and important performance of the players on his/her tongue.

Be Outspoken, Extrovert, And Talkative To Make Your Commentary Alive

Just Think Of Cricket Commentator who is introvert and speaks not more than necessary. The audience of the such a cricket commentator will get bored and turn their face from him. Amidst the dull phase of the match, entertaining the audience in an ironic or insincere way with anecdotes makes the one's commentary alive. Develop your own style for being recognised by the audience.  One should ensure that he/she is keeping up with the latest developments and can converse easily and effectively on various aspects of the game.

Courses to Become A Cricket Commentator

Specialization in sports Journalism or other media courses like anchoring and Radio Jockey pave the way for you. Further, an MBA degree will certainly develop your analytical bent of mind.

How Much A Cricket Commentator Earns

Though, getting into this most loving profession is tough task but fruitful one, too. A Cricket Commentator earn nearly 2 to 3 lakh at early stage of his career while 4 to 5 lakh at the middle of the career. As senior cricket commentator, one gets around 8 to 10 lakh for the service he provides.


With every passing day, the rages of Cricket is immensely growing and widely spreading. It has also gained the momentum commercially. Now, it isn’t limited only to the players but exceeded to the trillions of the audiences. The trillions of the cricket lovers talk, discuss, and make comments about their most favourite game. As the cricket spreads, so does the demands for cricket commentators. And It isn’t going to be stop. Therefore, it’s good, fruitful, and steady offbeat profession which everyone wants to practice. Here're we elucidate on how to become a good cricket commentator If you, too, are one of them.

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