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Do’s and don’ts while starting a Group Discussion

Jagran Josh

In an Interview conducted by, Karishma Gaur, English Language Expert (CELTA Certified) provides valuable insights on Do’s and don’ts while starting a Group Discussion

Key points Discussed in the Video:

You feel nervous in a Group Discussion because you are:

Do’s of a Group Discussion

  1. Maintain your body language (keep a careful check on it)
  2. Remember: What we think we do with our face, approximately 20% of it shows to the other person
  3. Be a bigger person, don’t be mean to other at the point of discussion
  4. Keep in check your tone and voice modulation
  5. Address other people sitting with you in a GD as “My fellow Speaker”. Your tone of how you address the things will set the tone for regarding “how others think of you”
  6. Small expressions (Fillers) such as: “Oh! I don’t agree”; “I agree”; “I do agree”; “thank you very much” can be considered as both sarcastic and sincere appreciation. Use them to fill the gaps in sentences or to acknowledge something someone said.
  7. Be candid and spontaneous at the time of Group Discussion
  8. When you run out of the content during discussion, be an active listener and listen to your fellow participants. Gather information from the inputs provided by others and contribute rightfully
  9. Practice content manipulation of agreeing with people if you are not aware of it

Don’t(s) of a Group Discussion

  1. Do not expose/exhibit specific expressions
  2. If someone says something which is generally less acceptable on some issue, it can make you angered or annoyed:
  3. Skill: Not to reach out to them right there and then,
  4. Remember: By being aggressive you won’t be able to change the opinion/belief of the other person
  5. Do not try to correct or change the belief of the other person there and then. Just move on with the flow of the discussion
  6. Do not address your GD fellows as “Sir” or “Ma’am/Madam”. It addressed to those people who are senior to us in “age”. You might sound a little satirical.
  7. Do not rely on quotations or speeches made by famous people
  8. Do not tailor comments to forcefully fit into any topic. It sounds artificial


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Takeaway: In Group discussion, it is not always about how much you know but about what you make with what you know!

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