JEE: Chapter Notes and Important Questions of Electrostatics

Electrostatics is one of the important chapter in the syllabus of Physics for JEE Main and JEE Advanced 2019. About 2-3 questions are being asked from this chapter in every year. In this article, the subject experts of Physics bring to you the chapter notes or revision notes of Electrostatics. In these notes, some solved questions are also available for better understanding of the concepts. The topics covered here are:

  • Electric charge,
  • Coulomb’s law,
  • Electric field,
  • Potential due to a point charge,
  • Potential due to a system of charges,
  • Relation between field and potential,
  • Electric dipole,
  • Electric flux,
  • Gauss’s law and
  • The parallel plate capacitor

The concept given in this article is in concise form and can be used for revision before the examination. These notes contain important concepts, formulae and previous year solved questions of JEE Main and JEE Advanced.

Important Concepts:

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