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Sentence Improvement is a variation of spotting error test, you are required just to locate error and tick it, whereas in sentence improvement test, you have to locate the error and also find the correct answer among the alternatives given.

Look at the italicized part of each sentence. Below each sentence are given three possible substitutions for italicized part. If one of them a), b), or c) is better that italicized part, indicate your response against the corresponding letter a), b), or c). If none of the substitution improves the sentence, indicate d) as your response.

They are waiting for her since morning

a) Have been waiting

b) Were waiting

c) Wait

d) No Improvement

The error in the tense pattern and the correct answer is (a), ‘ have been waiting’ because the sentence shows a continuous sense.

1. Hardly had he entered the police station when the SHO began to beat him.

a) Than

b) Before

c) Since

d) No Correction

Hardly is followed by when. Thus here is no error. The answer therefore is d)

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