JEE: Study Notes and Important Questions of Ether

Chapter notes or study notes play a very important role in scoring good marks in engineering exams. Students can easily cover maximum syllabus in minimum time with the help of chapter notes. In this article, we bring to you study notes of Ether including important concepts, name reactions and some previous year solved questions for JEE Main and JEE Advanced 2019. About 1-2 questions are always asked from this topic in the examination.

About the chapter notes:

1. These notes contain the crux of the chapter Ether.

2. These notes are the perfect revision material before examination.

3. Each reaction and reaction Mechanism has been explained in the simplest possible way in these notes.

4. These notes are based on the latest syllabus of JEE examination.

5. These notes are prepared by experienced Subject Experts of Chemistry.

6. These notes contain all important topics related to Ether like preparation of ether using dehydration of alcohol and Williamson synthesis method, physical properties etc.

JEE: Study Notes and Important Questions - States of Matter

Important Concepts:

Some previous year solved questions are given below:

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