Exam only measure the memory of students not their learning

Every student has to go through several internal assessment tests, quarterly tests, semi-annual test, and finally annual exams during their school life and for higher education as well. These exams do give us result if a student is ready to move further in their learning process to next level but also, there are examples when students pass their tests but they have not acquired anything from their last class. Therefore, it is a debated topic that does exams only measure students’ memory but not their knowledge?

Here we discuss both aspects of exams measuring students’ knowledge or not?

In favour –

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Against –

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Conclusion: Exams are the only measure to analyse whether a student’s is ready their next level of education. If exams are not based on the concepts from book then, it will be really difficult to understand the skills and knowledge a students as acquired. In order, to analyse students overall learning from what he has studied, the examiner can make changes or adopt new exam pattern to ask questions in the exams.  

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