Exciting Jobs for those who love to travel

For those who hate living in their own shell and get quickly bored, how can a 9 to 5 job suit them? Especially, if you love exploring the world, and still can’t manage to do so due to budget and official holiday’s constraint, here’s a life-changing solution for you. What if we tell you that you can find a lucrative job if you love travelling? Now, that’s something you were looking for, but weren’t clear how to proceed in the right path.

Keep calm, and explore the opportunities that can turn your travelling passion into a full-time profession: 

Au pair – Love for children

Do you love kids and want to take care of them in a foreign country? If yes, then the job of Au Pair is best suited for you. An Au pair lives with the respective family in a foreign country, where he/she provides child care services such as babysitting and schoolwork assistance. In this job, you will not only receive salary but also you will get the chance to know and live with a family with a different cultural background. However, you need to have sound skills in a second language other than your mother language.

Consultant – Master in your domain

If you are specialized in a certain area of job, and posses rich experience, you can become a consultant as companies hire consultants from multiple fields to resolve precise problems. Subsequently, a consultant’s client base is wide spread across the planet. Therefore, as a consultant with highly specialized skills set, you can travel the world to provide consultancy services to your clients.

Cruise Line Worker

Well, it’s the dream for every traveller to go to a voyage, sailing amidst the deep blue ocean with peace and serenity. Even better, if you do that without spending an extra penny or begging for leaves from your boss. Yes, you can make a living travelling the world by becoming a Cruise Line Worker, and travel the world with free food and accommodations. One can’t ask more than this! Whether you are an artist, a shop clerk or a restaurant server, there are plenty of opportunities for professionals from different backgrounds to work on one of these floating cruises.

Diving Instructor – Be ready for the adventure

Do you like adventure, and want to explore the world beneath the ocean’s surface? Then, you have the option to make your living by becoming a Scuba Diving Instructor. As a Scuba Diving Instructor, you would get the chance to travel to a different world that most people never would. In this profession, you can travel across the planet and earn your living by doing what you love to do. Give it a try!

ESL teacher – The noble profession

English has become a global language without which communication is almost impossible in today’s world. Therefore, ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers are in great demand in India as well in foreign countries. Being an ESL teacher you can travel across the world and teach students English along-with helping them to understand your native language. In this profession, you will experience the essence of cross border cultures, which will be a treat in itself. To become a professional ESL teacher, you need to have Bachelor’s Degree in English Language Teacher’s training.

There you go! Choose among these career options, and start turning your travelling passion to a full-time job. In case, you have something to say, please write down your views in the comment box below. You can also share this article to let your friends know about the exciting jobs that are ideal for a traveller.

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