Failed in your class 12 exams? Here are the course options for you

Class 12 students who fail in their board exams don’t have to worry as there are many options for them to make their career. In this article you will find very easy way to finish your class 12. Also, you can learn to use your class 10 mark sheet to pursue diploma in engineering courses.


To fail in any class is most probably the last thing any school going student wants. And if it happens to be in the class 12 board exams then it is bound to disturb and sadden the concerned student. Not only a year is wasted but there is a lot of pressure to face the parents, family, teachers, and classmates.  

Apart from this aspect, there is the anxiety to move ahead in life to build a career and sustain oneself for the life ahead. This is where we address the concerns and worries of students who have not been able to clear their class 12 board examinations.

Your Skills Are Your Main Strengths

Dear students, all of us are born with different skills that make us stand out from others. This is where you can make up for the failure to clear class 12 board examinations.

We will share with you some beneficial courses which are specifically developed for students who failed in class 12. These courses will help you a lot in building a good career and earn you good money.

Diploma Courses

Students can opt for diploma courses mentioned below. You can enrol for these using your class 10 mark-sheet and certificate.

• Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.
• Diploma in Electrical Engineering.
• Diploma in Civil Engineering.
• Diploma in Computer Engineering.

These are just a few of the various diploma courses that you can pursue using your class 10 mark sheet and certificate.

Other Diploma Courses

These courses are comparatively new or lesser known ones but are extremely helpful for students who could not clear class 12.

Diploma in Marine Field

Using your class 10 mark sheets you can enrol for diploma in marine engineering, diploma in marine technology, diploma courses for welders, wire-man, sailor etc.

Since class 10 pass students are already eligible for these programmes, students who failed in class 12 can easily apply for these courses. These courses offer good opportunities for your career and the payment is also good.

Diploma In Computers

There are many institutes that offer a wide range of computer courses, such as:

• Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering.
• Diploma in Programming.
• Diploma in Graphics.
• Diploma in Design.
• Diploma in Web-designing.
• Diploma in App development.

In general, the duration of these courses ranges from 6 months to 1 year. Some institutes provide with placement services as well.

Computer Hardware And Networking

These programmes are fairly preferred as the market trend shows. The duration of these courses ranges from 1 to 2 years. Some institutes provide with placement services as well.

Diploma In Industrial Courses

As there is an expansion of industries in India, the demand for skilled workers such as electricians, welders, plumbers, cleaners, fire and safety personnel etc. is also increasing.

There are many institutes that are offering diploma course related to these profiles. They also provide with practical training and assist with placement.

About The Institutes

There are many institutes that are offering these diploma courses, hence it is strongly advised to check in advance the reliability and efficiency of the place you would be joining. The institutes having approval of the government, and offering best facilities and updated syllabus are the ones you should look for.

We will also recommend that you sit again for your class 12 board exams to complete your schooling. For this National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) is one of the best and easiest options. NIOS offers some flexible schooling programs with which students who failed in class 12 can continue their schooling and appear for 12th board examinations.

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