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Get the right look and crack any interview in your first attempt

Krishnendu Chatterjee

Get the right look and crack any interview in your first attempt. The right kind of dressing sense will help you to establish positive impression in the eyes of the interviewer. It is a fact that the way your dress for an interview matters a lot. Yes, skills do matter, however the right look leaves positive impression, which eventually becomes a deciding factor when it comes to job selection. Proper dressing for an interview is important because that makes the interviewer analyze the personality of the candidate on the factors of discipline, seriousness, intent and interest for the respective post.

Wearing anything like a casual pair of denims and T-shirt leaves a bad impression as the interviewer tend to think that the candidate is particularly not interested in the job and has no intent whatsoever, irrespective of what job skills he/she have.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to follow dressing sense code to get success in job interviews. So, it becomes a must for you to get these things right now if you are going to attend an interview:

Formal Trousers

It becomes highly important for you to wear black trouser when attending an interview. In this way, it will help you to look decent and establish positive impression in-front of the interviewer. Formal trouser will help you to sit comfortably and give you the confidence to face the interviewer. Other than this, formal dressing will make the interview think about your positive intent and willingness for the job.

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White Cotton Shirt 

White is the symbol of purity and intelligence. Therefore, white is any which way going to impress the interviewer. You can club a white cotton shirt with the black trouser while going for any job interview. This will not only make you confident before the recruiter but also make you comfortable and cozy while sting for long hours during the interview without a hint of sweating.

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Analog Watch

This is what many candidates tend to ignore while going for an interview. However, wearing a Formal Watch adds significant value to an individual’s personality. It not only sets your personality to new highs but also help you to manage time by just seeing on your wrist. Importantly, wearing a watch also gauge the interviewer’s attention and make him think about the seriousness of the candidate.

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