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Going For Interview? Then Don’t Forget These Things To Carry Along

Balwant Tripathi

What happens when you don’t carry the important things along with you? You get embarrassed. In that state of mind, you feel pressured thinking about the important thing and become nervous. You might make serious mistakes due to extra pressure, tension, and nervousness that is enough for your immediate rejection. Thus, forgetting the important things leaves a job seeker in danger zone especially when he/she faces a job interview.

To know what preparations, documents, and things are required, and how can you prevent such an embarrassing situation during job your job interview, keep reading the complete list of what to carry.

Get a file cover

A file cover is an article that protects the important documents from dust, unnecessary rubbing over the printed or written surface of paper, and of course, from the water. Moreover, it reflects not only your approach for the security of the documents but the preparedness for the interview. Therefore, keeping the documents into a file cover is necessary for job seekers, especially when they go for an interview.

Copies Resume or Curriculum Vitae

It’s the first and crucial introduction of a job seeker. Most of the job seekers wonderwhy they face immediate rejection just because of unavailability of a copy of the Resume or curriculum vitae during the interview. 

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A pen that is usually required in interviews

It’s the most important and unforgettable thing that one must carry to job interviews. Before going for the interview destination, check your pen that you pick out to carry along if it isn’t working properly. Every professional should always carry a pen, especially when they are going for job interview.

A notepad

Phone numbers, addresses, names, and some other information are among those which can be asked to write down by an interview. But what happens if you don’t have the same at the time of its use. So, get prepared with carrying a pen along you.


Before going to face interviewers, find out at least three persons who can guarantee your capability, professional behaviour, and hard work to work. Get printed copy that should include their full name, number, addresses, and relationship with you after finalising the references. Carry it to interviews you face. 

Address and contact number that can help you to reach interview destination

Get a printed copy of the address and directions if you have any doubt. It could make you late if you get lost. This could cost your job. So, to avoid the loss, take printed copy of address, name of interviewer, and contact information of company. 

Questions to ask your interviewer

Before getting hired in the organisation which is completely new to you, you need to be clear to work more efficiently. But what might hamper your work efficiency and productivity is the unfavourable policies, confusion in responsibilities, job description, and your post. To be very clear, frame all your questions and carry them along-with you to ask your interviewer.     

Samples or portfolio of related work you’ve done in the past (if applicable or requested)

Before hiring you, the interviewer may ask you about your past relevant experience and document related to the work you’ve done in your previous organisation or company. He gets confused with what you would say orally if you fail to provide him the documents. So, to be competent, efficient, and smart professional, you need to carry your experience certificate along with you.

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