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Got bored with 9 to 6 jobs? These jobs don’t require you to stay at office for long

Balwant Tripathi

Generally a job requires you to stay in the office from 9 am to 6 pm. During this period you complete the projects, assignments, and tasks you’re assigned of. You get ready early morning to attend office on prescheduled time. Got bored, doing this every morning? Then, there are some jobs which might provide ease to your life.

To know what jobs don’t require a professional’s long stay in the offices, and how to get them, keep readings continue as here we have enlisted what can provide ease to your life.


Companies, organisations, and institutions often post their requirements for a person who can assist them in all what is related to the management. It may be scheduling meetings, establishing good contact and developing relationship with the clients and investors, creating the documents related to the business, or preparing the presentations that you, as an assistant, would have to work for. Though, there might be a deadline for completing the assigned tasks but you wouldn’t need to be physically present at the respective sites. You can remotely manage and complete the assigned tasks. For the people who hate to work spending daylong time in the office, becoming a Virtual Assistant is most suitable job.   

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If you know more than one language that is in demand, then you can avail the heap of the opportunities as a translator. The knowledge of the regional dialects apart from the knowledge of English- the global language can brings many opportunities which advantage you can take as a translator. Pursuing a language course can enrich your skills of the translation. Different orgasnisations, businesses, authors, and scholars would offer you the plenty of translation work once you prove your proficiency. To begin your career as a translator which don’t require you to stay in the office, enlist on popular freelance sites such as or

Online teaching

If have insightful knowledge of any subject, then you can start catering lectures to your online students and, in return, can earn good amount. Websites such as MyPrivateTutor, BharatTutors, and tutorindia.netoffer opportunities to the teacher community to cater their services without physically attending the students in the classes. So, if you already have teaching experience or insightful knowledge in any particular subject, then create your profile citing the subjects you want to teach your online students. On these websites you can mention your experience as a tutor. For online tutoring don’t require you in the class and therefore might suit your choice if you hate staying at a place for long time.

Online selling of the products

If you like to make something involving your creativity, art, and imagination, then you can sell them in the markets. To sell your products, you first need to decide the product you want to sell and the prices you expect in return of the product. After this, you would need to register your product on the websites which provide online platform to customers for buying products. Websites such as Amazon, eBay and indiebazaar charge small fee for hosting ther products. Through this way, you can earn a lot while staying out of office. 

Running Youtube channel

It’s among one of most attractive way of earning money which is attracting the good number of the people. If you’re camera friendly, then create your Youtube channel and start making the videos on any subject. Before making and pushing them for online visualisation, choose a category for the videos that you’re going to make. Make sure that the topic of your videos is of interest of the number of the people. Keep it attractive, engaging, striking, and clear. For this, you don’t need professional equipments. A mid range smartphone can do what is required for it. Through this way, your earning will grow with the increase of subscribers of your channel.


In general, a job require discipline, consistency, punctuality, and of course long-stay in the office. This is the only reason that some people get reluctant to work, even one more day in the office. And after leaving their jobs, they fall prey to unemployment and financial crunch which ultimately affects their personal life. This happens especially when there is lack of solutions and opportunities for earning money. To help those who don’t want to stay in office like edifice from morning to evening, we have enlisted the number of occupations in this article.

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