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Group Discussion Videos: Mock GD on “How to curb pollution”

Jagran Josh

In a Group Discussion conducted by, Students of IMS Study Learning Center present their views and opinion during the mock group discussion on How to curb pollution

Points Discussed in the video are:

GD Topic: How can we curb Air Pollution?

• Government should promote the use of renewable sources of energy such as wind energy, hydro energy.

• Checking the carbonation in the industry, personal vehicles,

• Bringing change at individual level, national level and finally at global level

Focus of Developing versus Developed nations

• The prime focus of the developing nations like India would be on eradicating poverty, not on curbing pollution.

• We can take small steps such as plantation of trees to combat the increasing level of CO2

• Odd Even Scheme to curb pollution is another welcoming step

• Earth Summit: In Rio De Jenerio, 1992

Reasons of Pollution

• Increasing quantum of Garbage,

• Fuel emission from vehicles,

• People are rigid to adapt to the new laws and regulations

Trending Now

• Government  has not implemented the policies strictly

• System care takers such as Police is not bothered to penalize the law breakers

• Educated people act ignorantly and do not accept any new changes agreeably

Solution offered

• In India we need to spread awareness to ensure that even the common man adopts and adapts with the technology

• Follow the model of Tamil Nadu by putting efforts to introduce solar energy at the residential level

• Encourage increased use of Eco-friendly products such as cloth and jute bag

• Implement odd/even scheme systematically

Comments of the supervisor:

• At the initial stage, who-so-ever begins the topic must provide an overview of the topic, do not begin by expressing your opinion.

• After establishing a sound background, the participants can move on to express their views on the topic.

• When someone is speaking, as a part of group decorum, others are not supposed to interrupt in between.

• Participants in a GD must ensure that all of them participate collectively. They must not cut the discussion of other person to present their point.

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