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Group Discussion Videos: Mock GD on “Pink Pajamas on the Red Fort”

Jagran Josh

In a Group Discussion conducted by, Students of IMS Study Learning Center present their views and opinion during the mock group discussion on Pink Pajamas on the Red Fort

Points Discussed in the video are:

The participants connoted various meanings to the nouns that were provided to them in the abstract group discussion. Given below is the synopsis of the discussion for your understanding:

Pink: Symbolizes women, breast cancer, AIDS, youthfulness

Pajama: Symbolizes casualness, offense towards national heritage, a nation irresponsible about their pride, unable to combat poverty, immigrants invading monuments of India, polluting the National Heritage

Pink Pajamas: Symbolizes women empowerment, Female Prime Minister, Female politician, young leader, young women leaders, casualness, LGBT Community, the third gender, deterioration of the national heritage, adversely affecting tourism of our country, awareness about female diseases in India

Red Fort: Symbolizes politics, Place where Prime Minister hoists the flag, power, IMF women leader, need to amend section 377

Comments of Supervisor:

1. Content should be meaningful

2. Body language should be subtle and amicable

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3. Some level of aggression in the tome would add more weightage to the discussion

4. Speak with confidence and assertiveness

5. Being a GD participant, it is not at all advisable to stay quiet. A person must contribute some points in the discussion

6. Even if you fall short of ideas, listen to others; form your opinion and then contribute in the discussion

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