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Group Discussion Videos: Mock GD on “Women Empowerment”

Jagran Josh

In a Group Discussion conducted by, Students of IMS Study Learning Center present their views and opinion during the mock group discussion on women empowerment

Points Discussed in the video are:

The discussion transitioned on the following ideas:

1. Participants provided a broad overview about the women empowerment

2. They focused their attention on addressing the problems faced by the female gender.

3. Then, the discussion emphasized the role of women reservation and majority of the participants spoke in favour of it

4. Further, participants compared women in urban and rural areas; in terms of the fair and just treatment they receive from the society

5. Issues such as health facilities; sanitation arrangement also came in the limelight

6. Adding to it, child marriages, female feticide, and Women discrimination (workplace, schools, cinema, bollywood) were also integral issues that were discussed in the GD.

7. Participants also talked about Social taboos such as rape and sexual harassment that are increasingly getting reported these days.

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Solution Suggested:

1. Spreading Awareness through television programmes

2. Flashing Advertisements that are centered on empowering women

3. Educating patriarchal society to respect women

4. Setting up stringent laws to curb women discrimination

5. Women reservation should be made mandatory

6. Make working conditions better for women

7. Fast redressal courts should be set up to help women feel empowered

8. Another crucial step is “Gender Equality” should be practiced rigorously and religiously.

9. Safety and health conditions for women should be taken care of at school, college and workplace level, to encourage women to grow in prosperous manner.

Comments of Supervisor:

1. Discussion should Kick-start in right direction: In this discussion the focus was laid on the problems faced by the women

2. When you don’t get a chance to speak, then don’t feel de-motivated, wait for your chance

3. Repetition of the same point/idea should be avoided

4. Presenting ideas by supplying quantities facts and figures strengthens your argument

5. A person should be a good listener while simultaneously playing their role of an effective speaker

6. Only one person should speak at a time, others should not jump into the discussion immediately.

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