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Helpful Tips to crack a Psychometric Test

Krishnendu Chatterjee

In recent times, psychometric tests have become popular among recruiters when it comes to filter out and hire the best suitable candidates for a respective profile. Employers are taking help of psychometric tests to classify job seekers in terms of their skill sets and behavioral traits. Such tests are a quick way of judging and evaluating a candidate’s performance report within a given time period.

If you haven’t given any psychometric tests lately, there are chances that you will have to take one while appearing for the next interview. So, why not learn about the basic tips and tricks to crack a psychometric test before an interviewer comes with a surprise? Here you go….

Understand the purpose behind a psychometric test

First-of-all, you need to know that a psychometric test is meant for evaluating your skill sets in terms of your ability to do team work, think creatively and analytically along-with your attitude in working with tough deadlines.  Not only in job interviews but also in admission procedure of some top colleges, psychometric tests are taken to figure out the best possible candidates.

For example, there are 100 applicants for 1 job post; in that case, conducting a psychometric test is the ideal way to select the preferred candidate based on the performance report of the test. Therefore, you need to honest while taking this test as the interviewer will definitely notice something fishy if you try to manipulate your answers.

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Be prepared for the test

It’s understandable that taking regular tests can be a daunting task. Nevertheless, you can improve your chances of performing well in the psychometric test by taking some mock tests. This will give you a fair idea about the structure and exam pattern of a psychometric test. Other than this, you can arrive early at the place of the test to get accustomed with the exam center. This will also give you the time to familiarize yourself with what to expect in the exam.

Unlike other traditional tests, a psychometric test generally last for maximum 15 mins. And, how quickly you wrap off the test is also evaluated during the interview process.

Dressing sense matters

Always remember to wear something comfortable while taking the test as it will keep active and fresh from within. However, don’t try anything too casual as the interviewer might doubt your professional civic sense, which may have a negative influence on him. For example, if you appear for the test in shorts, the interviewer might question your seriousness, which may cost your job.

Carry your attitude in a positive way

Be confident and positive from inside, and say to yourself that “I will perform well in the test”. There is something called positive mental attitude in psychology, which says that your actions are influenced by your thoughts. Therefore, keep your thoughts positive. And, don’t forget to get a good night’s sleep before the day of the exam. 

Hope these tips will help you ace the psychometric test next time when you appear for an interview. If you have something to say, please feel free to pen down your views in the comment box below. Further, you can share this article to let your friends about the ways to crack a psychometric test like a pro.

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