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How can professionals overcome self-doubt at work?

Balwant Tripathi

You have set your target for 2019 but worrying about your resilience to overcome challenges and problems that might obstruct your way? Genuinely, resilience is something that helps to overcome challenges and problems in a way to achieve a particular goal. But, you can’t even think about the best possible solution to a particular problem or challenge if you don’t have an insightful understanding of the problems. In a corporate company, it may be the work culture, employee performance, appraisal system, salary increment system or anything related to the office life that could require you to improve your understanding of them. Any doubt regarding the same may become a major roadblock to your success. In this article, we will explain how to identify and overcome workplace doubts. It would help you to take the right course of action that could pave your way to success and growth.

Know the vision and target of your company

Despite giving their best, most of the professionals fail to receive the due appreciation or promotion for their work when they fail to work in line with the vision or target of a corporate company. And, they begin to doubt; either the intentions of their managers or their efficiency. It not only affects their productivity but also their confidence at work. You can’t imagine your success without confidence and productivity. So, know the company’s target and vision to achieve them. It would help you to understand the company’s preferences that could improve your work style, productivity and finally your performance at work.

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Understand your responsibilities in the company

In an organization, everyone must live up to their responsibilities to ensure that the workplace is functioning properly. While some of the responsibilities are formal and easy to know, others are informal and difficult to understand. For success, you must fulfill all your responsibilities; either it is formal or informal. So, understand your responsibilities in your company and try to work in a perfect way to fulfill them. It would help you to meet the expectations of your manager or company which could create a positive environment for you to achieve success and growth.

Accommodate yourself to new work-environment

As a professional, you need to make efforts in a way to achieve success and growth from the day you join a corporate company. Getting noticed for any negativity may obstruct your ways. But, to give your best, you must accommodate yourself to the new workplace.  So, start building relationships with your co-workers, manager, and other office staff and try to understand your team’s requirement for achieving a goal. It would help you to take the right course of action that could strengthen your image as a professional in the company.

Realise the importance of communication

You fail to respond timely to an email asking you about the status of a particular task, assignment or project that you’re assigned. You may have to face serious criticism for your unprofessional behavior. It doesn’t matter if you have already accomplished or have given your best in that. So, try to establish effective communication with your co-workers, seniors, and employers. It would help them to know the exact situation about a particular task or issue, which could help them to take the right course of action. In addition, it would help you to improve your relationship with your co-workers, seniors, and employer that could create a favorable situation for your success and growth.

Be familiar with performance appraisal system

You may feel bad for you if you don’t get the expected salary increment, promotion or other performance appraisal rewards in your organization. Moreover, it may damage your confidence that could badly affect your performance at work. Hence, confusion regarding performance appraisal system may become a major cause for your failure as a professional. So, you must be familiar with the performance appraisal process.


In the competitive corporate world, Success is something that requires you to be a great performer. To become a performer, you must know and fulfill your responsibilities, formal or informal from the day you start to work in an organization. It’s a challenging task to become a performer from the very first day in a company. But, by knowing the vision and target of your company, understanding your responsibilities, accommodating yourself to new work culture, and establishing effective communication, you can begin to meet the expectation of the company from your first in the company.

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